Social Media - Where Are You?

There is a new study out about the use of social media. Conducted by  Social Media Images
Edison Research and Arbitron, The Social Habit 2012 gives a fascinating look at who is using these tools and what power they have in assisting consumers in making buying decisions.  The study sampled 2020 people via telephone (landline and mobile) ages 12+. Some stunning examples:

  • Over half of all Americans (56%) have a personal profile on any social media site.  However the growth is not as rapid as in past years;
  • Over half of the social users are between the ages of 12 - 34;
  • While 93% have heard of Facebook only 39% have heard of LinkedIn;
  • Year over year growth in social networking is greatest among people age 45 and over;
  • Facebook is dominate among all user age groups;
  • About 58 million Americans have a "social habit" meaning they use social media, "several times a day";
  • Among Twitter users the percentage of people using it "several times a day" jumped from 18% to 29% in just one year;

But perhaps the most stunning number was the 34% of social network users who are...silent.  In other words...they watch, read but fail to engage.

Oh, one other thing for those of you who spend the greatest share of your advertising dollars in television: Among the people who own a DVR and watch "time shifted" television 83% of them fast forward or skip the ads.

Here is the download of the complete study...well worth your time.




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Spending Some Tech Time with Marco

One of the things we love to do is bring in other media types to the News Hour and have a Marco Santana 10 April 2014 discussion on their speciality. Here is Marco Santana from the Des Moines Register talking up technology in Iowa...and the economic impact it brings the state.  

We continue our "All Tech Thursday" discussion with Marco Santana. We visit about the "Tri-Techta" that went on this week from the Technology Association of Iowa: The Prometheus Awards, Pitch & Grow and I2Iowa and more.  And, yes, we did lots and lots of "name dropping"!  Here is that conversation:

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Recruiting & Retaining

There isn't a day that goes by where we don't hear some business person bemoaning the fact that they can't find highly qualified employees or Radio Dial grumble about losing a great worker.  And, if you're in business you know this to be true.

But, there is an answer that is so simple and works so well...that, well, we're surprised that you'll be surprised when we share.  Ready?


Why?  Because  Think about it for a moment.  Most really good employees are already working.  How might you lure somebody to even think about working for your company?  How about broadcasting the news that you've got a great company and you are seeking great people for a specific job.

What's really cool about this method is that you don't compete against thousands of job postings on a "job board" are polishing your business brand at the same time.  Who wouldn't want to work for a company that tells others, "We're a great company to work for".

And, on the retention side...why not celebrate employee longevity and dedication...publicly with a well crafted radio message?

Look, people purchase radio ads to encourage consumers to buy products and services.  Why not use the same medium to recruit and retain outstanding employees and build your brand at the same time?



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Business, Gatekeepers and The Magic Bullet

It's astounding that business gets done.  So, does your business employ Woman Gatekeeper a "Gatekeeper"? You know...somebody that has instructions that unless the Governor don't want to be disturbed or do you simply use your voice mail system as your gatekeeper?

Either way you may be missing "The Magic Bullet" that might propel your business to the next level.

Here's the deal...if you are in marketing or advertising or if you have a closely held business and YOU are the marketing and advertising department and you don't listen to every pitch that comes to your may be missing out.  Besides, if you are the marketing department your job is to listen to each pitch that comes by.  You never know who has the next bright idea that will be trans-formative.

Don't have time?  Sure you do...and you know it.  Best business advice you might get this month:  Listen...and return those phone calls. Somebody might be trying to help.


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Think Like Ronald McDonald?

Each week we bring our business listeners a marketing tip or two.  The Mcdonalds-logo goal is to help business become better at what they do. This time we'll share with you Four Lessons from McDonald's.  Why is it that single store sales outpace closest rival Burger King by over one million dollars?  Four tips...for your business right here: 

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When we saw these numbers we were...stunned.  But on second thought, Man Surprised we should not have been.  Ready? Last year Google (you've heard of them...right?) showed that 97 percent of Internet users (consumers) look online for local goods and services. Meanwhile, only 45 percent of American businesses with fewer than 250 employees have built

What is worse is that even a smaller percentage of those who currently have an online presence can be...found and seen.  And, nope, we're not talking about SEO mystic science but simple fixes that business can do to get found as well as been seen.

Getting Found:

If you want to spend your money on SEO or Search Engine Optimization go ahead...blow a wad.  But, if you want organic results turn to several in-house methods from blogging to video to traditional advertising.  You see, if folks don't know you exist...they can't find you.  And, while SEO is nice, we've also seen horror stories.  Why not spend some time and build your brand...yourself?

Being Seen:

With over 50 percent of online searches being done using mobile devices if your website can't been seen, worked with or used to make contact with you...guess what?  You are missing out of tons of opportunities.  So, is your site...responsive?  Can it be seen, and more importantly, used, across many platforms?

It's way past time...start this process today! 



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LinkedIn? I Want to Help

Let's say somebody creates what is billed as a professional platform that links business people to business people.  And, individuals, wishing to Linkedin-logo get introduced and connected to others use this platform and request a connection between folks already on the engaged.  

It exists and it is called LinkedIn.

One of the surprising things about some folks who are using this platform is the lack of attention they give to their professional profile...oh, they may indicate where they are working and something about themselves but fail, more than you can imagine, to post a photo of themselves on their profile.

That is sort of like saying your going to a networking event but...sending somebody else or...go but with a mask on.

Some quick advice:  If you are using LinkedIn post a photo of yourself? If this is a social media, digital calling card...personalize it.  It works.

Second item:  Know somebody who is a "LinkedIn Professional" somebody that knows the system?  If so we would love to have them come in and do a segment on The News Hour.  Hit us up?




Customer Service Part One - Coventry Health Care

Last November we reported on an American Express study on customer service and what consumers are looking for.  According to the report, which was produced by an independent testing firm and is based on customer surveys of thousands of individuals, it was found that regardless of technology, resources or access to multiple modes of 24/7 communication, the attitude and desires of the customer -- and the things that determine whether he or she is likely to be happy or disappointed -- haven't changed with the times. Coventry Atnea

Most customers still don't think service is good enough, much less getting better: Only about a third of those surveyed believe businesses have increased their focus on customer service. Only 7 percent said that the customer service interactions typically exceed their expectations. And only 23 percent think that companies "value their business and will go the extra mile for them."  Less than a quarter of the consumer base think business is doing a good job.

Which brings us to this:  We take great pride in lifting up companies and businesses that provide good to great customer service.  That is what our advertising agency and our business broadcast does.  That also allows us the right to point out problems in customer service and bring those to the attention of the business affected.

That was the case this week in two very different set of circumstances.  In December I signed up for health care insurance through Coventry Health Care of Iowa.  When I got the application there were health questions.  I thought that was odd but went ahead and filled it out and sent it in.  My application was approved and my monthly premium came to $255.60.  I sent a check and ten days later, following the cashing of the check, I received notice that I needed to pay the premium.  During the next several weeks more confusing billing notices arrived.  Then this week I received a notice that I needed to pay $276.00.  It was at that point I issued a strongly worded email, not to the agent but direct to Coventry. 

And, here is the purpose of the post:  Rather than ignore my letter they acted on it within hours.  Two or three calls later from billing experts to media relations people the issue was resolved.  Now, had I not been a member of the media would it have been so swift?  Based on my honest conversation with all the folks involved I believe so.  There have been some amazing changes to the health care system over the past year and I think, similar to the government health care website, folks were unprepared for the many moving targets.

That being said the issues were resolved because of “old school” interaction and communication.  Something to remember the next time you are faced with an consumer issue.  As the American Express Survey concludes, “Customers want access on their terms; fast, effective and personal service when needed; and courtesy, attentiveness and empathetic treatment.”   Coventry…gets it.


It's Always About: Content

Since we started working in the world of social media we've always held Podbean logo to the fact that content and hard work is what drives success.  Content and work.  

Far too often businesses have little to do with understanding the work that goes into creating good content because, "Hey, social media is free. You mean I have to work at it?"

The simple answer is yes, and here is some proof:

We've been engaged in a daily business news broadcast at 1350-KRNT, Des Moines since late August of 2013. Every day, Monday - Friday from 5PM to 6PM we cover the business news of the day and offer up interviews with business leaders, start-ups, entrepreneurs...the folks that most broadcast outlets ignore.  And, we then take those interviews, edit them and post them to our podcast page hosted by

Today we received this email: (emphasis ours)

"I'm pleased to inform you that we've chosen to promote your podcast on as a featured podcast in the BusinessX category on our directory site. Podcasts are chosen for this section based on the high quality of their content, presentation and topicality. It's our own way of showing some support to our best users. Podbean now has more than 600 000 registered users. We hope featuring your podcast will help you attract more listeners.

We created the directory with the aim of increasing exposure for podcasters by providing an extra channel through which they could be found. Of course the more people know about the directory the more useful it is, so feel free to mention it across your blog and social networks to help drive more traffic to the directory, and to you and your friends' podcasts!"

Two things: 

  • It takes real work from a dedicated team. Thank you!
  • It's all about the content.  Drive that and see what happens.

Thanks for reading!


Crowd Funding a Project?

How to raise money for...your next project? Fritz Nordengren 20 Feb 2014

The other day we hosted Iowa author Fritz Nordengren who is funding his new book Kolby Rae through "crowd funding" on Kickstarter.  It's a unique way to get some cash for a project and millions have been raised using the tools.

Fritz only has a couple more days to meet his goal so...if you want to help here is his Kickstarter Page.  Enjoy! 

If you would like to listen to the interview, here you go:

And, because we reference this video it's only fair to show it to you. Not only that...we liked it! 

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