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The Big Lie...

Sorry to be so blunt.  The issue is Facebook and how neophyte marketers Man Lie Dectector "think" Facebook will be the marketing silver bullet propelling them to greatness.

It ain't gonna happen.

A week doesn't go by that we don't hear about some marketing person selling Facebook "Likes" as the way he/she will pull in loads of customers/clients by simply writing this type of post: "It's a wonderful day today. Make it better by coming in and buying a brand new car/boat/house/kid."

This week we received a call from a specialized marketing company who was being taken to task by their client (stay with me on this) because the client complained their Facebook link (located on the marketing company directory page) was not generating enough..."Likes".  

For fun we looked at the Facebook page of this client and it was filled with...crap.  Ya can't sell...crap especially bland crap.  

Here is the truth about social media marketing...ready? It Takes Work.

There you have it.  Posting "nothing to say" once a day does not drive traffic, create customers or engage consumers.  It's just...crap.  So, what does work? Here's a quick list:

  • Stay Personal - People buy from people. Share short stories about real stuff going on around your business;
  • Use Photos - Fact:  Photos get more "looks" than words;
  • Be Helpful - No matter what industry you are in consumers are looking for answers.  You are the expert in your industry...share your knowledge;
  • Facebook Ain't Enough - Unless you are a mega-company with a solid brand there little success in posting to Facebook only.  Use other social media tools to tell the "back story" of your business. Yes, that means more...work.
  • Traditional Marketing - Here's a shocker...not all of your customers know you have a Facebook page.  Most don't care but, even if they did what's in it for them.  Use traditional marketing to share the fact consumers can connect with you online but remember to give them something of value even if it's only the "inside scoop".
  • Video - Yep...but that too takes...work.

The downside off this list is...it takes time. Nothing is free.  Thinking Facebook, or any social media or traditional media marketing tool, will solve your consumer connection delemia buy using a lazy approach won't work.  The consumer is way too wise...

If you want to comment here, feel free or let's connect on our Twitter Stream @InsightADV and (yes we have one) our advertising agency Facebook page is right here.  Thanks for reading! - Michael Libbie




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Roderick Kabel

your point is very well on target here and a perfect reminder to us all. Though, I do need to toss in one more factor - in my opinion - to add to FB postings... Be irrelevant, silly and use a current event for posts once in a while. Plain and simply, too much of one thing isn't good. By tossing in the off topic subject, image, question or what not, we can recharge those of our followers that our FB page is still relevant to their lives and their need to continue following our said products id warranted. Regards. https://www.facebook.com/throttler.magazine

Michael Libbie

Richard, well said! It's 80% conversation and 20% sell...and off beat works. Thanks for reading and for the comment. Good stuff! - Michael

Ali Almoosawi

Useful information, thanks for sharing..

Michael Libbie

Staci...bingo! You are so correct...keep the conversation going is the key. Thanks for reading and for the comment! - Michael

Karina Croney

Every businessman engaged in social media marketing should always consider real-time management, as social sites are a real-time tool. Be human. Avoid sending automated data to crank up PR. Instead, offer valuable information that your followers can grab hold of.

Terrell Lamb

Right on, Staci! In this fast-paced world, new discoveries and innovations are constantly emerging. The future becomes history; these information that we have at hand can be outdated or updated soon. To keep up with the trend, marketers and business owners must look for brand new things and discover details that will hook the audience. Or you can add some new details to an already existing knowledge that will keep your audience’s attention and loyalty.

David Byrd

I agree with you, Staci! Ultimately, we use social media platforms to reach our target market and build a working professional relationship, on a personal level, with them. We should always remember that this friendship and trust takes time and effort, so there’s no need to hurry.

Advertising Jobs

Social media marketing is another way of effective marketing unless you will work on it. Just like others, it also needs a lot of time and dedication to be see the results.

Glenn Evans

I couldn’t agree more, Michael! It takes time and effort to get a successful upshot. Remember that you’re building a credible reputation online, and this isn’t a one-time, big-time procedure. In my case, I utilize games and promos to interact with my audience also with the help of some social media platforms of course.

Sage Aumick

Use photos. Visitors usually prefer pictures over reading long and wordy posts. Feed their eyes first and then provide more information through quality content. Use social media wisely, and your business will surely be a success.

Michael Libbie

Sage, thanks for the comment. You are correct. We've found that when our clients use compelling visual items they get noticed. Thanks for reading and for the comment. And, hope things in your business are going well. - Michael


Absolutely right! Most of the people on facebook think that they can easily advertise their products and relax. Advertising needs a lot of work specially when you ain't got that big company that almost all people know. You really hit the spot there Micheal a admire you for being such straight to the point. And Yes there are a lot of CRAPS on my facebook wall, I should start removing them one by one.

Michael Libbie

There is a very wide divide between advertising and advertising...well. We think. Thanks for reading and for the comment.

Beverly Ann Tribiana

Many companies here in our country required to like their facebook page, not to earn money from its likes but to promote their latest products and services. Since several Filipinos have facebook account, it is perhaps their way of getting the attention of their potential clients/buyers.There's nothing wrong with that. It's just that, they're so many companies who do the same thing, making people get sick of it.

Marc Kevin Constantino

This article is really on target, consumers are wise because they need to see how does a thing sells on Facebook really works because money does not come into our pockets with ease. Money is being earned, that's why these kind of sellers need to earn everybody's yes by working hard for their products to get sold. Everyone who does online marketing can be successful given they allot time and hard work.

Michael Libbie

Kevin, the key words: "Time" & "Hard Work" nothing comes...easy. Thanks for coming by and for the comment. - Michael

Lude Ghvez

I agree. Status updates of your fried fish or frozen carbonara doesnt help much unless you have some people that are interested in your product. Traditional marketing does work.

Michael Libbie

Hey Lude, thanks for the note. Look, we love Social Media and recommend it...but "one tin horn" is never a good band. Thanks for reading and for the comment!

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