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Mixed Signals

This past Sunday a friend of ours spent 12 hours on a television Man Undecided commercial shoot.  That's right...12 hours.  It was a full fledged operation with set building, lighting, talent and removal of the set. Twelve...hours.


This is the part you need to pay attention to:  Our friend has had this client for several years and for most of that time he's said, "You are selling really high end stuff but your television ads look like...crap."

Did the client listen?  No, not until my friend formed a focus group familiar with the business to review about a dozen television commercials that had been shot over the years.  Their opinion was, "You are selling really high end stuff but your television ads look like...crap.  You are sending mixed signals to consumers.  Stop it."

So the questions are obvious: Are you sending mixed signals to the consumer? Does the product/service you sell match the marketing message or are you confusing the consumer?

Everything is in play from your business cards to your advertising message. It all matters.



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Pull up Banners

That's what marketing is all about. It has to be just perfect in order to really send the message in a way that it will get through the people. Marketing isn't all about consistency, it's also about quality work that will surely make the best results for you and your company.

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Yes i totally agree with your post.. consumers wants some unique stuff in the advertising which will show quality work.. it doesn't matter how good is your advertisement but creativity is the need of today, and it should be kept in mind!!!

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