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Rewind HyVee/Chrysler Ads

Recycling is all the rage.  For those of you who follow these posts you know we love the Weiden+Kennedy series of ads for Chrysler.  The images of Detroit, the driving music, the soaring choir and the great voice work of fellow Michigander Kevin Yon.  Remember this from the Super Bowl?


This past week our friends at HyVee, a midwest grocery store chain, released this piece that seems very familiar. Almost too...


For the first few seconds I honestly thought it was a new ad from Chrysler.  But nope...it's for a "gas card".  It's one thing to do an ad that has a focus on resurrecting a city and an iconic brand.  It's another to promote a...gas card.  We think it's nice but odd.

What do you think?





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It's definitely a let down at the end when you find out it's for a stupid gas card. As if buying over-priced groceries and saving a few cents on gas is really all that big of deal. Are you really saving anything??

Auto Repair Renton

Ever since this´╗┐ commercial I have seen way more Chryslers on the street. Thanks to Eminem. :)

Michael Libbie

Hey, Nicolai! Us too...that entire campaign was a winner for Chrysler much the same at the VW ads we've seen recently. Thanks so much for reading and for the comment! - Michael

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