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Let Me Help...

I am so sorry!  I was a "Twitter Grump" yesterday as I begged folks who Sorry Puppy have a Twitter Stream, but fail to use it correctly, to just turn if off and stop:  "Just Stop It Twitter - Our Insight".

I'm better today.  So let me help you with some ways that can turn your Twitter Stream into a useful tool for business:

  1. Fill Out Your Profile - Give us an idea of who you are and what you want to do.  Use your photo, if possible, or at least your name so we know you are...real;
  2. Where Are You - Give us a city, state or a state of mind...something besides longitude and latitude.  Our geography ain't that good;
  3. Link - Link your profile to your blog, Facebook account or at the least your website.  We might want to find out more about you;
  4. Search - Look for customers, clients, folks in your area so you can follow their ACTIVE Twitter Streams.  You'll learn so much about the consumer you are trying to reach;
  5. Share Thoughts - We know some folks who clog their Twitter Streams with quotes of other people.  Come on...you MUST have an original thought or two.  Share it;
  6. Remember Mom - Write stuff that would not be offensive to...Mom.  You and your career will thank us for that thousands of times;
  7. Stop Selling - We call it the 80/20 Rule: 80% of your Tweets should be about the news, what you think, what you are doing, where you are going, what you like, who impresses you, re-Tweets that mirror your thoughts;
  8. Respond - If somebody Tweets you or re-Tweets one of your posts say..."Thank you".  Remember we want to know you are human and not a bot;
  9. Be Silly - Hey, it's OK.  You've got 140 Characters you can be fun...just like you were in the bar last night.  (OK, see #6);
  10. Post Photos - Folks like to see what you are seeing and doing.  It adds a dimension to your...life.
  11. BONUS - IF you have a Twitter Account...use it?  And maybe more than just during business hours.  Schedule kids...

OK?  I feel so much better now.  I give you permission to engage!




If you would like to leave a comment here, feel free.  And/or join us on Twitter @InsightADV and our advertising agency Facebook Page is right here.   Thanks for coming by.


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Trisha Trixie

I obey by all those rules but one. Where I am. I don't add that for a reason. Twitter can be a great help demographically if you want to "hone in" on that area which is why for most businesses it is wise to add that. But for me in Art, Modeling, Fashion and other things I do I want to reach a wider audience and not limit myself. I do have it filled in but it says "Wherever you are" because I feel that to be true. Most of what I do can be and go anywhere.

To add to you list, however what makes me whacko is those Social Media people who are unaware that Twttier or any Social Media has upgraded things and they don't change their profile. For instance Twitter now has a MySpaceesque feel and changing your backgroung and you Cover photo I feel would do a company some good and really help branding but many of the "so called "Social Media companies around here or marketing or Branding companies don't even know it exists.

Talk about "Just Stop". I say to those companies..."Just Stop Acting and Start Doing" .

Until next time..xoxo-Trishatrixie

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