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Video Worth Sharing...Dove

Over the years we've produced hundreds of hours of video for television and the web.  That process is so much more complex than most business people realize.  To produce a high quality video for business it takes planning, talented staff and a firm grip on the "end result".

That's why we want to share this powerful piece with you.  Dove is an old brand and we would bet it's not on the "want list" of many young women.  However, this very classy piece may just change that.


Well written, filmed and scored it is a very touching piece that, we think, ranks among the very best pieces of marketing video...ever.  And, again, that is no accident.  This took lots of time, talent and work.  Well done!





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That's good stuff. Something everyone should see. We are WAY too critical on ourselves...especially we ladies.

Michael Libbie

Exactly what the video did. We LOVE the fact off the very SOFT sell. This has already gotten over 3 million views...in 3 days! Thanks for reading and for the comment. - Michael

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