So What Do you DO?

It's a question I get...all the time. Somebody asks, "So, what do you do?" and my reply is Woman Beach
I have an advertising and marketing agency. The questioner then nods politely as if he/she understands. But, I've been in this long enough to know that unless your business is advertising and marketing the vast majority of people have absolutely no idea what we do in this space.  Heck, even my Mother often said, "My children? One is a doctor the other...I have no idea what he does something about advertising...I think."

And that...from my Mother.

So what do we do around here?  Two words:

Awareness & Desire

We create awareness of our client's products and services and we do that with many different techniques. It could be with traditional media such as television commercials, radio commercials, print advertising, know the stuff you see every day. Or it could be creating awareness using new media or digital media like email, texting, Facebook, Twitter, blogging. You get the idea.  And, because not every product or service matches the media we need to discover who our target is and where they are hanging out.

Creating desire is all together different. Creating desire includes a call to action, visual images that put the consumer in a touch with our clients product/service.  Allowing them to see or imagine themselves using or at least trying the product or service we are delivering. We emote, we share, we drive a message that creates desire to learn more.

For example this morning I spent four hours looking at images of food as we prepare to create a website for a client. No, really...four hours looking and writing words that match the images that will create awareness and desire.

That's what it is we, and hundreds of advertising agencies do...every day. We like to think of it as a craft. The craft of creation.  

Maybe that's why, even my Mother, had no idea what I do...

Thanks for reading!



We Do Voodoo...

Not really, but it sometimes seems that way.  Our craft is advertising and Voodoo Imagemarketing; getting more people to know who you are and then purchase your product or service.  How?  By creating well crafted advertising and marketing plans. We don't do what you do...we do...voodoo. We even tell folks that we do it. Have a listen: 

Insight Advertising VooDoo March 2015

Look, if you're happy with the return on your advertising dollars stick with it. But, if you would like to increase your ROI let's talk.  We'll share with you marketing methods, why they work, what we think you should do and how you can measure success.

We're Insight Advertising, Marketing and Communications a full service advertising agency.  Let us do some voodoo for you...too. 


I'm Not A Pulmonologist

We do some work with non-profits because non-profits also need help when Doctor Funny it comes to advertising and marketing. Why?  Because non-profits need to focus on their mission and have the ability to distill their message to attract donors and clients. Anyway...

Last week I had a meeting with a non-profit board of trustees that was made up of individuals from varied career paths.  Each a professional in their area. Here is how I started our presentation:

"Thank you for meeting with us.  We are grateful for the opportunity to share with you our expertise about your future marketing efforts. To be honest with you I am not a Pulmonologist, I have never been a Postmaster, nor have I ever made kitchen cabinets or owned a chain of McDonald's restaurants. Our craft is advertising and marketing.  I could never do, nor would I propose that I could do...what you do.  We are experts in our craft and what we are about to propose comes from decades of experience and success in this field."

It was the best presentation...ever...and in the end they made the decision to move forward with an agreement and our marketing plan.

So, why share this with you?  Because, and to borrow the lyrics from Cole Porter, "Do do that voodoo that you do so well." 


That's Marlene, hot, hot...(Smokin' too!)

We're in advertising and marketing.  We do that voodoo...well.




What we learned last week...

Last week we nearly made a dreadful mistake.  We're a few months away Man Surprised from a new product launch for a client and they needed a brochure.  Not wanting to be boring we encouraged the client to move away from a standard looking brochure and do something unique.  We were told, "That's fine I just need it to fit in a #10 envelope."  We wrote it down and design started in.  But everything looked boring.

Then one of the team members asked the pivotal question, "Why does it have to fit in a #10 envelope?"  So, we called the client and asked the same question. After some thought the client said, "Well, it really doesn't. Mailing brochures isn't something that we do very often."

Disaster averted and we're now well on our way to creating a unique point-of-purchase item that will get noticed.

What did we learn? It's always best to think through the project.  While we wasted little time our mistake was to not follow through with a simple question..."Why?"


Mixed Signals

This past Sunday a friend of ours spent 12 hours on a television Man Undecided commercial shoot.  That's right...12 hours.  It was a full fledged operation with set building, lighting, talent and removal of the set. Twelve...hours.


This is the part you need to pay attention to:  Our friend has had this client for several years and for most of that time he's said, "You are selling really high end stuff but your television ads look like...crap."

Did the client listen?  No, not until my friend formed a focus group familiar with the business to review about a dozen television commercials that had been shot over the years.  Their opinion was, "You are selling really high end stuff but your television ads look like...crap.  You are sending mixed signals to consumers.  Stop it."

So the questions are obvious: Are you sending mixed signals to the consumer? Does the product/service you sell match the marketing message or are you confusing the consumer?

Everything is in play from your business cards to your advertising message. It all matters.



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