Targeting The Message - Television/Video

OK, this will not be a PC post.  Our friends at Hardees and Carl's Jr. need to shore up support from young males so they cooked up this new "Memphis BBQ" TV piece called "BBQ's Best Pair".  Clearly it is...targeted.


Beyond the targeting of the message I hope you paid attention to the work that goes into creating a high quality television commercial.  Notice the equipment, the attention to detail...all for just 30 seconds.  

So, our question to you is this: When you're spending money to showcase your product/service on television or in online videos don't you think it's important to spend an equal amount of time and energy in the creative

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What Men Like

So if you have an interest in marketing your product or service to Man Confused Shopper men...what might get their attention?  The answer to that question comes in the form of a recent article from Advertising Age about Dudes to Dads.  A couple of examples:

  • Television Advertising - 54% of men say they learn about products/services through TV ads;
  • Too Often - But a whopping 64% say TV ads repeat too often;
  • No Credibility - However 33% say both Internet and TV ads are not creditable;
  • Keep It Clean - 71% of the men say keeping an orderly house is important to them;
  • Keep It Clean II - 25% say they spend 4 - 8 hours a week doing housework;
  • Let's Cook - 44% spend 8 hours

It makes for a good read and there are plenty of take-a-ways from this. One that you should remember...  "The Bumbling Dad/Husband" ad doesn't sit well.  Here is the link to Advertising Age and the way to purchase the study material.

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The Perfect Spokesperson?

Lots of companies have spokespeople.  Sometimes they fit, other times Mike Rowe Ford not so much.  When Ford Motor Company tapped Dirty Jobs star Mike Rowe as their spokesperson we knew it was a winner. Why?  Rowe is not only believable but he seems sincere, real and crosses from urban to rural with ease.

It's not often a company gets this lucky.

For years Jared Fogel showed how regular folks could lose weight by eating sandwiches from Subway.  Then he fell in love and gained thirty pounds. So much for that...

Who can forget BP CEO Tony Haward in his role as the spokesman for the Gulf Oil Crisis.  Nothing about Tony fit the occasion.  His position, temperament or ability.  Not to mention arrogance.

Back in 2006 we wrote about a Boone, Iowa furniture store who used the very attractive Lauren Bishop as their spokesperson.  It's not that she wasn't good it was just odd the company went out of its way to identify her as if she were actually living/working at the store.  She wasn't. To some it became a creditability issue.

All of this is meant to have you think...really think...about putting your brand in the hands of who/what?  And, while we're at it, we get the link between a lizard and an insurance company (Gecko/Geico) but sometimes we wonder about...the pig.


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Insight on Business - Friday Roundup

At the end of the Business Week we share with you the Friday Roundup from Insight on Business.  (Yes, you can click that link.) Some of the stories you might have seen and some of the stories that you may have missed.  So, before you "head out" to the Mother's Day Weekend take a gander.  This week:

Central Iowa Bloggers - Yep a video presentation of what this motley group does and does not do.

Brand Warriors - Do you have them?  Do you know?  Do you want them?  You better.

Oh Really? - Sometimes we have "social media experts" that don't know what in the hell they are talking about.  As always it's:  Buyer Beware.  A hat tip to the Nashville Business Review.

Being Responsive - You own a business.  It's your brand.  Be careful, very careful, as to how you treat it when you outsource your social media.

Email Stress -  Got it?  Why is it important?  Our friend Adam Posh shares...

For the Birds! - A video presentation of our babies...get ready to go...awwwww.

Featured at the Des Moines Register

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But, will

For years we've watched companies fail in their advertising program Woman anxious vintagebecause they cut creative corners in their print, radio, television or electronic advertising programs.  So many medium to small businesses "think" they are going to save money and do the creative "themselves" or let the local radio, TV or print media do the creative for..."free."

Usually what they get is the same ol' thing somebody else had from a person who is not invested in the outcome...just the sale.  I know, I spent decades writing television and radio ads as a station employee/talent.

Today, when a business or marketing department says to me:  "Michael, that's a nice idea, but, it's too expensive."  I respond with, "Not if"  

So, is there a link between great creative and effectiveness?  Yes (I love it when I'm right.) here is a piece from IPA, Gunn Report and Thinkbox that reviews 175 campaigns and rates their effectiveness in driving sales, profit and loyalty..

Bottom line, they found award winning ads that were loaded with creativity eleven times more effective...than 'ho-hum' ads.  Uhm, that's eleven times.  You know as in 11 x...

Let's break that down.  Your company spends $3,000 on print, radio or TV but to "save money" you decide to "do it yourself" or have them "do it for free".  You run the schedule and decide, "That was a mistake it didn't work!"  I get want it to be effective.   So, If you spend $3,000 on the schedule and $3,000 on the creative and it's 11 times more effective at driving sales, profit and loyalty...  It's better deal...  Right?

 We thought so....




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Sales or Service

We see it everyday.  A great company makes a great product or delivers aMan Selling Elixer valuable service but they miss the mark on connecting with their prime demographic.  Why?  They spend their time listening to the advertising sales pitch from somebody who is more concerned with getting an order than connecting buyers and sellers.

Sorry, but it's true.

Not long ago we received a note from a client who was suddenly interested in spending their entire trade show budget on one event.  They had listened to "the pitch" and the event sounded too good to...miss.  But, it isn't, wasn't.  It's not their fault.  They were only acting on the recommendation of well trained sales professional.  Our firm did the background check on the event (because we know how and who) and offered up our recommendation that they should pass on this but perhaps take a look at another event that was more in line with their prime demographic.

Taking care of the client vs. taking care of the sale is critical. That's the difference between selling and service.




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Marketing Trend - Selling the USA

While we've been through this before, in small doses, there is a trend inMade in USA box promoting the sale of manufactured goods which is catching on with an increasing number of brands touting their product is "Made in the USA".  We think it's worth noting and it is a direct result of manufacturers looking for any tool in the tool-box to combat economics.

It Plays to the Emotions & Why

We find it interesting that as politicians criss-cross our nation telling voters "the sky is falling" and our nation is "doomed" that is it advertisers who have lifted up the banner of hope in the future.  It's intriguing that while AM/FM "talk radio", in every market, continues to hammer consumers with negative comments about leadership that manufacturers are sharing a completely different message...sometimes conflicting with what the radio host just said.

Here's just a sample:

  • General Electric - They just spent millions promoting the fact GE builds refrigerators and turbines in the USA;
  • Tropicana - They once imported orange juice from Brazil...not any longer and you'll see "Old Glory" on the side of their containers with an extra boast;
  • Chrysler - The two minute Clint Eastwood piece during the Super Bowl caught lots of attention;
  • Hyundai - Featured hundreds of workers in a recent ad touting the Alabama plant and Made in America...
  • Menards - Just finished a month-long promotion of "Made in the USA" products that included television and print.

WSI SportswearJust a sample.  But, what about "small business"?

While in Kansas City the other day I ran into Priscilla Magana who works for apparel manufacturer WSI Sportswear based in Minnesota.  Companies that sell clothing manufactured in the US are rare.  Priscilla shared with me that WSI "...could have made the decision to have their products made in Asia but the owner stood firm in his support of hiring local workers even though he could have made a bundle by off-shoring."  Impressive.

The bottom line for your business is hit on some of the emotion this trend delivers.  Use the message to stand out.  Build creative emotional advertising that speaks to the connection between your product and a growing number of consumers that see this as important. 

Remember, anything you can do to help build your brand image to the good work.




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Too Big to Fail?

Late last evening I was flipping through the pages of the Sunday Des Ad oneMoines Register inserts.  Yes Virginia, even on Christmas there are newspaper ads telling us we can save hundreds more on the stuff we already bought.  Anyway...

I came on this ad sheet for televisions and stuff.  (If you click on the image it gets larger.) As you can see, there is deal after deal after deal.  Seems it had been separated from the main body of the flier.  That...happens. 

So, I'm interested... "Where might one BUY one of these?"

I look but, no mention of the company name or what "Big Box" you might buy them from.  Nothing...  No logo, no footer.  Nada...

Ad 2 useThen, I see it...located on the bottom of a placement piece...the word "American".  But, I had to...scan, look, search.

Your tip is to make it clear where somebody can buy your product or service.  Sure, you may not have the big budget these guys do for multiple newspaper fliers...but you can be smarter then them and make sure you make it easy for the consumer to find you.  That goes for all forms of advertising...all.

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Time - The Friend of Creativity

We love our work because it's creative and exciting and no two days areMPL Twelve Thirty the same.  Often folks want us to build a great campaign but don't give us the time needed to be as creative as we could be.  It's the reality faced by nearly every advertising agency on the planet.

And it's hard to explain how this works against our clients... Until now.  Here is a great video piece that shows the correlation between time and creativity.


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Cause Marketing & Your Business

Last week on our daily business news hour, Insight on Business with Michael Libbie, (Part of Webcast One LIVE) I spoke to the power of cause marketing and small business.  How partnering with a cause can, for a rather low investment, push your brand among people you wish to reach Rrvt_ani while increasing your marketing footprint.

I know..."He's just preaching again, Sally.  This stuff doesn't really work." let's have a look:

Saturday night I attended the sold out Membership Banquet for the Raccoon River Valley Trail Association (RRVTA).  The event was held in Panora, Iowa at the Lake Panorama National Resort Conference Center.  The goal, at their only fundraiser was to gather $18,000 for the RRVTA's annual budget. 

Hold on...I've just introduced you to three different groups/businesses you may never have heard of...before.  Three down...more to come.Raccoon River Trail Feb 2011

The folks who are the real drivers of the Raccoon River Valley Trail Association are Chuck and Carla Offenburger and their engaged and active board.  Here they are pictured with Brian and Sharon Duffy and Don German.  Hmmm there is a Des Moines Register link thinks. (9 introductions)

On hand for the event were folks like Kevin & Molly Cooney (they purchased a 12' Kayak during the auction donated with the help of Scheels and the Green County Conservation Board).  Kevin and Molly work at KCCI-TV8in Des Moines. 

Christie-Vilsack-Mollie-Kevin-Cooney The guest speaker was Christie Vilsack Iowa's former First Lady and avid cyclist who told stories about RAGBRAI, the Iowa Library System, growing up in Mount Pleasant, the number of bikes she has owned and how visitors from places like Washington, DC are amazed at her depth of knowledge about agriculture and what the heck we do with Iowa Corn.  Nice job Christie!

Let's see...we're up to 18 mentions...but who's counting?

My friend, Jason White from the Midwest Partnership was there...we had met several years ago and keep up with each other on Twitter and Facebook.  My friend Forrest Ridgway from Bike World was there.  And I learned about companies and local businesses...all because they were involved in this event.  (Let's see...that's 22 mentions.)

There was Ausberger Photography from Jefferson, IowaSnyder & Associates out of Ankeny, Powerlift from Jefferson, Horizon Printing from Adel, the Home State Bank in Jefferson, Pioneer Hy-Bred, Farmers State Bank in Yale, the Guthrie County State Bankin Panora, the Graham Groupof Des Moines and United Contractors, Inc. of Johnston.

Do you know about the Oak Tree Bed and Breakfast?  How about the Santa Maria Restaurant in Carroll or the Green Bean Coffee of Jefferson?  Not me.  I didn't know that in Perry, Iowa there was a place called the Hiawatha Bicycle Company or here in Des Moines the Butler House on Grand.

I quit counting....

And there were many, many more that I can't list here but had the opportunity to make an impression on not only me...but 300 others who packed the facility.  They also witnessed a presentation of $15,196, the value of 200 shares of McDonalds Stock, from the family of Alice Ann Andrew.  (BTW, Carla Offenburger reminded the crowd that money was extra and didn't count toward their goal of $18,000.  Didn't want to spoil the live or silent auction fund raising.)

Cause marketing has only one major drawback.  Most companies don't know how to create a bigger buzz about their efforts and so they getChuck Offenburger and notepad  involved to be neighborly. That's ok...but there are loads of ways you can capitalize on cause marketing...if you work it and have an active plan.

Congratulations to the RRVTA to my friends Chuck and Carla and to everybody who made this event possible.  One last thing:  Once a newsperson...always a news person.  Here is a shot of the rear-end of Chuck Offenburger...notice the reporters notebook tucked in the pocket?  Classic Chuck...great to see you guys and thank you for what you do. 

OK...ONE MORE THING:  The event raised $17,776 about $7,000 more than last year.