The Friday Wrap - July 6, 2012

Each Friday we offer up some advertising, marketing stories you might Friday have seen...or may have missed.  Each is laced with our comment.  We call it The Friday Wrap and give you some things to think about over the weekend.  To see these stories just click here on The Friday Wrap.  This week:

  • HyVee - They Are Smiling...Again;
  • Customer Retention - We like this idea...a bunch;
  • Andy Griffith - A vintage Post Toasties ad from the 1960's;
  • Mike Rowe - The Perfect Spokesperson;
  • Rural Hip-Hop? - Kansas farm boys do it;
  • Video on the Cheap - Not all video has to be expensive to be effective.

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The Perfect Spokesperson?

Lots of companies have spokespeople.  Sometimes they fit, other times Mike Rowe Ford not so much.  When Ford Motor Company tapped Dirty Jobs star Mike Rowe as their spokesperson we knew it was a winner. Why?  Rowe is not only believable but he seems sincere, real and crosses from urban to rural with ease.

It's not often a company gets this lucky.

For years Jared Fogel showed how regular folks could lose weight by eating sandwiches from Subway.  Then he fell in love and gained thirty pounds. So much for that...

Who can forget BP CEO Tony Haward in his role as the spokesman for the Gulf Oil Crisis.  Nothing about Tony fit the occasion.  His position, temperament or ability.  Not to mention arrogance.

Back in 2006 we wrote about a Boone, Iowa furniture store who used the very attractive Lauren Bishop as their spokesperson.  It's not that she wasn't good it was just odd the company went out of its way to identify her as if she were actually living/working at the store.  She wasn't. To some it became a creditability issue.

All of this is meant to have you think...really think...about putting your brand in the hands of who/what?  And, while we're at it, we get the link between a lizard and an insurance company (Gecko/Geico) but sometimes we wonder about...the pig.


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Insight on Business - Friday Roundup

At the end of the Business Week we share with you the Friday Roundup from Insight on Business.  (Yes, you can click that link.) Some of the stories you might have seen and some of the stories that you may have missed.  So, before you "head out" to the Mother's Day Weekend take a gander.  This week:

Central Iowa Bloggers - Yep a video presentation of what this motley group does and does not do.

Brand Warriors - Do you have them?  Do you know?  Do you want them?  You better.

Oh Really? - Sometimes we have "social media experts" that don't know what in the hell they are talking about.  As always it's:  Buyer Beware.  A hat tip to the Nashville Business Review.

Being Responsive - You own a business.  It's your brand.  Be careful, very careful, as to how you treat it when you outsource your social media.

Email Stress -  Got it?  Why is it important?  Our friend Adam Posh shares...

For the Birds! - A video presentation of our babies...get ready to go...awwwww.

Featured at the Des Moines Register

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Who Are Your "Brand Warriors"?

Let's look at what a "Brand Warrior" is:  It's not you or your employee butWarrior Knight it is your business friend.  Perhaps your best business friend.  It's the consumer who "talks you up" telling others and sharing with them how superior your product/service is...for them.  They, through their efforts, influence others to buy stuff from you.

In the "old days" we would call this "word of mouth marketing".  One person would tell another.  However, now with the many forms of media available to us, it has become known as "world of mouth".  One person, with just a few key strokes, can share with thousands of friends/followers their support of your brand.

Smart businesses learn, quickly, who their Brand Warriors are and they cultivate them.  That means "doing a little extra" to make sure your favorite customers are noticed and taken care of.  It's being responsive to them and knowing them and acknowledging them.  They, in turn, will share their experiences with people they influence and before long you are selling more...stuff. 

Taking care of your Brand Warriors is the best money you never...spent.

So, who are your Brand Warriors?  Do you know?  How do you engage them?  Do you continue to encourage, notice and respond?



Some of the brands I like.  The list is made up of large and tiny companies.  Size does not...matter.   Maybe you'll notice one or two.

Cafe Di Scala - @CafeDiScala - They get it and respond

Gusto Pizza - @GustoPizzaDM - Same owners and it shows

Von Maur - @Von_Maur - They engage their shoppers

Mediacom - @MediacomSupport - The "back-channel" to service

Enterprise Rental - @EnterpriseCares - They listen and engage

Southwest Airlines - @SouthwestAir - Fun, friendly and responsive

Domestica - @ShopDomestica - Chrissy is amazing

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What Makes It "Click"?

I know dozens, if not hundreds, of people who look for that "magic bullet" that willMPL Twelve Thirty allow their product/service or campaign to click in the minds and wallets of consumers.  I want to share the secret(s).  It's timing.

Here is a great example:  Over the past eight months the State of Iowa has been the political and media focal point.  For months we've had to endure listening, reading and watching folks opine about our state.  Often missing the mark...completely.  Mix that fact with creative folks (tip #2) like Scott Siepker and Paul Benedict who have been (tip #3) paying attention and you get...this: (NSFW Edition...sorry it works better.)


535,000 views...and counting.  Oh, there is one other thing that needs to happen to make something "click" in the hearts and minds of the consumer you need to (tip #4) take action.  Just having the timing, being creative and paying attention won't get the job done.  You need to mix those with actually doing something and chances'll click.




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75/20/5 And Why...

This past Sunday our friend, Joanne Boeckman from the Des MoinesWoman Emply Cart Register, wrote How apps, codes and the smartphone changed shopping.  I was pleased to offer some insight into the story...from the world of marketing and the power consumers have to boost or sink your brand. 

Here is a bit of an expansion to the story.  If you own or manage a business, any size business, I want you to take some time and consider the 75/20/5 Rule.

From the article:  "Libbie offers seminars for retailers across the country to talk about the power of using new marketing techniques, such as social media."

“What’s astounding to me is the vast number of people who pay no attention to this — and don’t know it’s there,” he said. “Only about 5 percent of retailers are moving forward and using it.”


I know that when I walk into a room of business people and I start telling them about the power of social media and it's connection to consumers seventy-five percent of my audience is dismissive.  They don't or won't come to the reality of how technology has changed brand messaging. They leave the seminar and continue to work the same old, tired advertising plan that worked thirty years ago.

About twenty percent will be interested enough to "try" using social media to help push and pull consumers into a conversation, into a relationship.  But, after a couple of months they quit because they don't see an instant return on their investment.  The trouble isn't social media or new technology.  The base problem is they "think" in terms of old mass marketing like radio, television or print advertising.  When all you had to do was put out an ad and people would...or wouldn't respond.  This form of brand marketing is totally different and it

Five percent get it, use it and work it.  They build strong digital relationships with consumers, mentors and employees that roll into real flesh and blood relationships.  It happens every day but it  That nasty word that most business people want to replace with the word "advertising". 


The article is correct, consumers do have the power.  What is missing is Main Street often fails to connect with them. If you read the article you'll see loads of big companies who use social media to attract and retain consumers.  If it's good enough for Target...

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Posting For Profit

Somebody told business that when you have people comment on wellMan Reading Newspaper read posts it will improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your site.  You know, the more you are "out there" the easier it is to be found.  In other words don't do any work on your own...just "piggy-back" on others.  We get loads of phony comments all the time.  For example:

Last week on a post I wrote back in 2008, "Building a Brand Within A Brand" which was about the success of the Fastsigns franchise in Clive a "Rebecca Hurst" wrote, "Great post! I am looking for a good company to make some signs for me. I'll be sure to check you out!"  Trouble is..."Rebecca" is really a sign company in Florida.  She was kind enough to include her URL.

On a short post I wrote in January about broadcast TV failing to carry the entire memorial in Tucson we get this from "Montclair": "I find life an exciting business, The point is succinctness of expression."  Uhmmm...What the heck does that mean?  Then of course he/she leaves their URL.

It happens all the time and usually I delete the comments and report it as spam.  The other day I posted on Twitter: "We love it when deadbeats comment on our agency blog postings and do an ad for themselves. Ain't SEO...amazing? Say..bye, bye."

That prompted my friend (another) Rebecca to ask what the heck I was talking about:Screen shot 3

The problem with 140 characters is that I couldn't explain it...well but promised to address the issue, here.

When companies attempt to improve their "ranking" or SEO by attaching goofy comments to blogs it' and it makes your company cheap and it's swarmy.  Yep, that's it...Swarmy!

Of course folks will continue to do this and we'll continue to delete and report the spam. 

It's all in a days adventure.  And, Rebecca:  Good luck with the dogs...and yes, wearing lipstick rather than flavored chapstick does raise your maturity level. ;-)

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Four Blogging Tips

We spend a bunch of time...blogging.  Letting folks know what we thinkHand Four about advertising and marketing...what works and what needs some work.  So, the obvious question might be..."What works when it comes to a business blog?"

Here's a post about what you can do to improve your efforts, make sure folks read what you write...and build business. 

Four Business (Or Any) Blogging Tips

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Know When to "Fold 'Em".

Change in advertising and marketing direction means listening to the consumer...first.  That's exactly what Burger King did when they retired the often "Creepy King" and hired a new agency to help them re-brand their product.

We think it is their new ad.  I'll share with you why this works so well...after the view.


The consumer is more in tune with food and food quality; this ad connects with that reality.  And, that's not just me talking.  A recent article in Advertising Age tells us this first look is scoring high...and the brand perception among consumers ticked up ten points in just 48 hours.

Your Tip

Some companies will change their marketing/branding direction because a new person is named VP of Marketing and he/she wants to make their mark.  That is the worst reason for change.  Then there are stories like this where the brand is "tired" or "creepy" and nearly anything the company does is a positive.

Finally there is change because the market and the consumers demand it.  That's part of this message, for your business to be able to know what the demand is...ahead of the wave is critical to making the right choice.  Pay attention.

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Package Design - Team Effort

Over the years we've created dozens of package designs for variousSpotGone Web  products.  Pictured here is something we named SpotGone! a natural product that eliminates pet spots from lawns.  We did this design three years ago.  

Recently we've started work on five new designs for our client NatraTurf.  I'd love to show you all of them...but some things need to be quiet so they can roll out the products to the lawn and garden industry this fall.

But, we'll give you a peek and an early design...and a little "back story".

Triplicity final aug 1_5-001 When we enter into a design phase it doesn't start out the way we like it...or the way the client likes it.  We create package design based on what the consumer likes.  And, that's the tough part.  It's all based on hours of research into "who" is motivated by a particular niche.  In this case it's organic/natural lawn and garden products...a multi-billion dollar industry.  Our research into buying habits and interviews with consumers helped us create what you see here.  Colorful, simple and, yes, geared toward a female consumer who trend high in the organic/natural market.

Once we get into the consumer mindset it's off to writing and design.  Here an entire team and the client become involved in the creative.  But, at the end of the's all consumer focused.  Not based on guessing...but on knowledge.  And, that's the key.

What motivates your buying decisions?  What packaging really catches your eye?  As always, we're interested in what you've got to say.

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