Big Getting Little

Grocery store chains across the country are consolidating or simply calling HyVee Local Produce Two it quits. Last week legendary A&P filed for bankruptcy protection...for the second time. Kroger announced they are buying Harris Teeter and one of the oldest chains, Albertson's was swallowed up. Locally, family owned Dahls threw in the towel.

Today there are only a handful of regional grocery store chains in the nation. 

The grocery industry is vastly different today than just 10 years ago because there is more competition and the changing habits of consumers. Natural, local and fresh rate high on the expectation list of consumers. So, how does a regional chain compete against the likes of Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and others?

Bring on the LOCAL feel and flavor of a time gone by.

HyVee LocalA couple of years ago HyVee, a Midwest regional chain, had a pretty successful run at calling attention to locally sourced produce. (Photo at left and you can click to enlarge.) While it all worked the effort was small compared to what they've recently rolled out.

Here (above and to the right) is the new roll-out of how big can go little all in an effort to boost a little nostalgia while calling attention to the fact that they sell what comes from your neighbor. 

The entire "feel" of the brand says, "Hey, we remember what it was HyVee Local Produce here for local produce!" And then they go to great lengths to tell you how "local".

We love the graphics, the look and the feel of the campaign.  Good stuff HyVee! 

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Nah, We're 8 to 5 - Weekdays Only!

Over the past several weeks we've been following various brands (local, Woman 8 oclockregional and national) and surprised at the vast number of businesses that are posting to social media channels ONLY during the work day. Weekends? Crickets.

It's like their Social Media Ninjas are saying, "Hey, we work eight to five Monday through Friday.  If you wanna follow our brand engagement do so on our time."

Do they know something we don't or are they just doing what they get paid for?

So we did some digging around to learn who is connecting with social media channels and when.  Some interesting consumer trends:

  • Nearly half (47%) of smartphone users visit social media networks every day (Nielson);
  • Want Re-Tweets? Best time to Tweet is 5PM EST (KissMetrics);
  • Best days to Tweet - Midweek and Weekends (KissMetrics)
  • Facebook Shares - Best day is Saturday followed by Sunday (KissMetrics);

And, not every social media channel is the same.  For example posting on Pinterest outside of noon and the weekends isn't advised, "Pinterest is for daydreaming" says Fast Company.

Instagram users ages 18 - 29 make up 53% of all users and 49% of them use the channel daily (Pew Research Center)

LinkedIn users abandon the channel on the weekends and you'll get crickets between 10PM and 6AM (Fast Company).

We could go on and on but the POINT is that if your brand is failing to engage your consumer base when they are using social media...your brand...fails.  It all goes back to the central point of social media and using it correctly...wait for it:  You need to know your consumer; where they are, what they want and how to engage.  Oh, and HOW do you know where your prime demographic is...without spending tons on market research.

Ask them...

Finally, with all the social media tools available to you there is no reason why you can't match your engagement with consumers on...their time.


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The New...Radio?

Back in 2007 we were "pioneers" when it came to podcasting and when we moved IOB Card Backfrom our television broadcast on Webcast One Live to 1350 KRNT for our daily business radio broadcast we took the podcast idea with us. Why? Because it's yet another link in the trend of offering news and information to the consumer when he or she wants to access it...not when we want them to get it.

Have a quick listen to the "new radio" that you get to experience on...your time. Oh, and if your business/service isn't podcasting...why?




Your Customers Have It Their Way?

During the past several days I've shared a couple of stories on our daily business Woman Shoe Choice broadcast about how McDonald's is attempting to revive sagging sales by shortening their menu, offering customers the opportunity to "build their own burger" and looking at regional menu choices rather than duplicating the same menu nationally.  

And this:

Over the years it's never made sense to me that cable companies sell us 100, 200 or 300 channels when studies tell us that American's watch, at the maximum, 17 channels.  So, if we're only watching 17 channels why do we have to buy 250?  The cable companies are starting to "get it" too and we'll be seeing some experiment with ala cart service.  You only pay for what you want and watch.

These two stories are linked in the reality that consumers are no longer wanting to eat what business is feeding them.  Consumers want more and more choice and if they don't get it...they move on to the business or service that delivers.  If the shoe fits...

This reality is cutting across many verticals.  So, the question you need to answer is this, "What is it that my customers want vs. what I want them to want?"  If you know, great! If you don't better find out...quickly.

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Consumers Ignoring Your Marketing Message?

The published study from Pure360 in the United Kingdom titled, Man Noise"Confessions of a Shopping Nation" tells us that three-quarters of UK consumers actively ignore all types of marketing messages and 59% feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of marketing information.

Those are pretty big numbers.  But, it gets worse.  The study also found the vast majority of consumers, 64%, said that social media and the Internet in general have very little influence on their purchasing decisions.

What's going on?


Noise because most companies have really no idea on how to connect with consumers.  We see it everyday. Each Tweet or each Facebook Post has a "sales message" attached to it. There is very little creativity in the message.  Zero ability to understand organic marketing. It's all...noise.

At the end of the day it is no surprise, to us, that consumers are tuning you out.  They don't want to be force fed...noise.  They want a brand they can trust, real people they can communicate with. They want a product or service that isn't shouting but...helping.

How do you do that?  Three suggestions:

  • Stop Selling - Start Engaging:  If over 20% of your social media posts are about selling something you are creating noise.  Stop Tell the back-story of your business. Share interesting images, video and stay light;
  • Share Information:  If consumers are seeking information about a wide range of products and services become a voice of assistance and not a carnival barker.  Move your blog to one of helping folks better understand your area of expertise;
  • Do It Well: Just because you know everything about "Self-Weasel-Winding Torque Inducers" does not mean that you know how to market them.  Get some help for crying out loud. Marketing/Advertising companies do this every day. 

There are dozens of ways to connect with consumers but noise is not one of them.


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Social Media - Where Are You?

There is a new study out about the use of social media. Conducted by  Social Media Images
Edison Research and Arbitron, The Social Habit 2012 gives a fascinating look at who is using these tools and what power they have in assisting consumers in making buying decisions.  The study sampled 2020 people via telephone (landline and mobile) ages 12+. Some stunning examples:

  • Over half of all Americans (56%) have a personal profile on any social media site.  However the growth is not as rapid as in past years;
  • Over half of the social users are between the ages of 12 - 34;
  • While 93% have heard of Facebook only 39% have heard of LinkedIn;
  • Year over year growth in social networking is greatest among people age 45 and over;
  • Facebook is dominate among all user age groups;
  • About 58 million Americans have a "social habit" meaning they use social media, "several times a day";
  • Among Twitter users the percentage of people using it "several times a day" jumped from 18% to 29% in just one year;

But perhaps the most stunning number was the 34% of social network users who are...silent.  In other words...they watch, read but fail to engage.

Oh, one other thing for those of you who spend the greatest share of your advertising dollars in television: Among the people who own a DVR and watch "time shifted" television 83% of them fast forward or skip the ads.

Here is the download of the complete study...well worth your time.




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Always Fun Being Part of a Launch - Country Vet Naturals

When you watch an idea become reality it's the biggest kick we get here Grouping horz cookies at the agency. Three years ago we started talks with our long-term client Country Vet Pet Foods about changing their formula, creating a natural dog food and packaging that matched what it was. Clearly consumers were asking for it...all we had to do was deliver. 

Then it was testing names, packaging designs, formulas and now, three years later, Country Vet Naturals is being launched at Pheasant Fest in Milwaukee.

All weekend representatives from Country Vet Naturals will be visiting with dog owners about the food and the new treats, Country Vet Naturals Quick Bite Cookies (In Oatmeal/Cranberry thank you very much!).  

Will it be sold in Des Moines?  We're hoping so.  Now that we've finished this round it's on to additional natural pet food products and loads of new ideas regarding the formulation.

We like what we do!


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What Was That Stat?

From Insight on Business the News Hour with Michael Libbie a report Woman Shopping Mobile from this week:

The National Retail Federation reported that spending over the Thanksgiving weekend dropped 2.7% compared to a year ago. On the crucial Black Friday shopping day, online sales accounted for 44% of the total, up from 41% last year, the NRF noted.

So, why should you care?  Here is the rest of the story:

Shoppers are shifting more of their holiday purchasing online for several reasons we think: E-commerce websites are more convenient than physical stores, more deals and promotions are on the web now, more people have mobile devices which makes it easier to shop online and hot holiday items that sell out quickly are often still available on the Internet.

Notice what we wrote and highlighted.  Which begs the question, "Can consumers use their mobile device to access your website and actually use it?"

If must get "responsive design"

You are welcome.


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The Power of Local

Small BusinessIt is a trend that has been sweeping the nation for well over three years and it is being driven by small business people who get it.

We're talking about the consumer demand regarding local products and services and those small business owners who have recognized the trend and now incorporate "local" into their advertising and marketing efforts..


Here are some quick examples:

  • Food - Once relegated to road-side stands small farmers are bringing their produce and farm-made products to thousands of farmers markets that have sprung up all across the nation.  In addition large grocery store chains now direct shoppers to locally grown products and consumers don't mind paying a premium for food...when they know where it comes from;
  • Local TV and Appliance Dealers - These folks have found a way to battle Big Box by delivering exceptional service and sharing with consumers the importance of keeping dollars in the local community;
  • Recreational Sporting Goods - Sure if you want a cheap bicycle you can go to Walmart but if you want something that lasts and somebody who knows what they are stay local.  Even some big box stores understand this. Sheels Sporting Goods started running national ads that feature "local knowledge by local people".  It's not by accident;
  • Banks & Financial - Credit Unions have started chipping away at the "big banks" all across the country.  Family owned small banks continue to market the fact that people, not computers, make decisions on loans;
  • Health Care - You think it is "by accident" that we're seeing more "health care systems" ditch the clinical aspect of care and now focusing on the individual?  Nope...

The direction your local business needs to take is celebrate local.  Include the message in your marketing plans.  Make sure your service performance is exceptional.  Build "brand warriors" out of your local customers.  Encourage customers to share their experience on social media channels.  Deliver solid local success stories as often as possible.  Engage with your local business community. Use video to bring the local experience to life. Be a "go to person" on the benefits of local for your area media. 

Two other important things to consider...

Do NOT abdicate your local marketing efforts to the Chamber, while they are your friends they also have plenty of dollars rolling in from non-local folks.'s your business...take the lead.

If you live by price you will die by price.  Focus on quality, sustainability and familiarity.



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Banners vs. Native Ads - Who Wins?

With the birth of the Internet came banner ads.  You know, those annoying boxes that compete with the information you logged on to see.  The sales departments in newspaper, magazine, radio and television urged their clients to buy banner ads "to be seen by millions..."  We have, for years, been pitched the thousands, if not millions, of page views a media company says they get in the hope we'll purchase a banner ad and...we have.

Trouble is...they don't work very well. Banner Ads Native Ads

That's not to say we didn't buy some.  However, in each case the number of clicks to a banner ad was, at best, underwhelming. While we've always warned that "page views" do not translate into "click throughs" some of our clients were still intoxicated with the idea of cheap advertising and increased exposure.  But then, following the run, they quickly opted out.

Now along comes a study that, in part, supports our long standing belief. The study says consumers visually engage with "native ads" 52% more frequently than with banner ads.  The survey used eye-tracking technology to measure ad impact for major brands. 

So, you're wondering, "What the heck is a native ad"?  Here's a quick description:  Think of an add that appears in the conversation stream of Twitter or Facebook.  You know, right there on the top of what a friend said about supper and below what somebody said about their kids.  They can also appear in blogs, smack in the middle of the conversation sort of like this:


(Sorry, a little self promotion can't hurt...)

If you are a small to mid-size company how do you get there?  Well, if you are already in social media circles you already have the power. Now what you need to do is visit regarding WHAT you do...making sure it's at least interesting to the audience.

Want some help?  We're here.



Study details can be found here: 

The study, titled Benchmarking the Effectiveness of Native Ads, used surveys and eye-tracking technology to measure ad impact for major brands.