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Hi Michael,

I actually hadn't heard the discussion--but glad I found the station and your website. I think I wrote what most of my friends discuss when we're together: everyone needs groceries. We live in an age where we have come to expect easy, quick access to information. The way we engage with retailers is quickly changing but so must retailers evolve. Why have grocers been so slow on this bandwagon? I've noticed that corporations for grocery products have become highly interactive--Keebler, Kashi, and the like even have forums set up for consumers to discuss products. Coupons, tips, and more are found on websites. You can follow Little Debbie's feed on twitter. (Do I really care what Little Debbie is up to today? Not so much. But if there's a brand new product or a hot deal out there moms like me want to know. And we'll write about it.)

This is such a big discussion but I'm so happy that it's happening. I think everyone wins in the end. Thanks for reading my blog!


Michael Libbie

Amy - Thanksk for finding us. And, we're grateful for finding you. This is exactly what we were talking about yesterday BLAH branding and/or BLAH marketing and failing to take up Social Media can be a major problem when trying to connect with emerging consumers. Someday business will have to replace their 50+ shopper...better start now. Thanks for reading and we'll be talking about your blog today. - Michael


Sorry no time to go to chat room but yes--I am 35, with young kids. My friends and I schedule outings via text messages. We chat back and forth about our kids on twitter, and we're not watching soap operas--we're busy checking Facebook.

I completely agree with your positioning and moms like me want our stores to communicate with us! Why am I the one telling my Twitter followers about the HyVee Monday sale? They don't even publish it on their own website.

I do think progress is being made--by places like Hyvee, as you say. But they're still not really communicating with the new media available to them.

Thanks so much for visiting and including me in the conversation! Looking forward to hearing more.



Michael Libbie

Amy: It was a great find, you that is. It started us thinking about a whole new segment of the consumer base. Your comments were right on and glad to showcase your work. Someday, perhaps we'll have you on the show to better make this clear to the people out there attempting to market to you...and others. Game?

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