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Brent Pohlman

I think you need to interview Terry Branstadt too. I don't like it when political candidates can only make comments against other candidates... I think political ads are stupid! They have lost all value especially when they attack the other candidate.

Not impressed with Mr. Culver's interview comments. . He needs to talk about what he will be doing to improve the State of Iowa.

Michael Libbie

Brent, thanks for your input. I would have been happy to intervew Mr. Brandstad or any number of the GOP candidates...had they shown up. My choice was clearly due to the record. Mr. Culver has led this state through some rough times and we are still ranked among the best states in the nation for business, careers and a well run state. This wasn't a political ad...this was me and the Governor for 60 seconds... For us the clear choice is backward...or forward. But, as always I enjoy the conversation!! Thanks for the comment! - Michael

Brent Pohlman


I only see the ads on TV for the Iowa Political Race and I really just tune it out. We have taken the position at work that we need to bring these candidates to our work and get to know them on a different level. I hope you get a chance to see both sides.

This really became apparent with our recent mayor race. It was evident by listening to both candidates, where these candidates stood on the issues. Face-to-face is the best way to know exactly where candidates stand on issues.

As always, I would be interested in your opinion and the reasons for your choice. Again, people need to stop watching political ads and get the facts for themselves.

Michael Libbie

Brent - Thanks for reading...and watching. We endorsed Governor Culver for loads of reasons from his handling of the economics of Iowa to his efforts during some huge natural disasters, and there were many. In addition we looked at how OTHERS see Iowa. When this state, under this Governor, continues to attract the positive attention of the rest of the nation (Forbes, Business Week, Wall Street 24/7) you don't fire the CEO. Terry Branstad is a fine man. I have known him for years...however our direction should be forward and Governor Culver has been on that direction since he took office. Perfect? Nope...but the best choice for today. I agree, the ads are lousy on all sides. It is the best to listen and learn and then...make a choice. Other disagree with me and that's great. This isn't emotion...it is looking at the big picture. Thanks again for reading and for the comment! - Michael

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