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Zane Safrit

Very nice interview. Thank you. A couple of points resonated. His point that the long-term unemployed, those whose unemployment continues while their unemployment benefits have expired, are no longer counted as unemployed in the monthly jobs reports we see from the Department of Labor. It segues into the next point about the need to have awkward uncomfortable conversations about ... homelessness which stems in large part from chronic un/underemployment. It's hard to have an informed conversation, one that includes solutions, about a segment of the population and their challenges when their data, and their reality, is deemed to not exist.

Last point, ( I liked the show) was how he drove home the point that you can pay now or you can pay later. Helping people in need is not only a humanitarian call, a feel-good do-the-right-thing, it also makes good financial sense for the communities whose budgets remain stretched by the needs of that population that on too many 'official' reports does not exist.

Thanks for a great show.

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