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Lynn Graves

First - Thank you Michael for hosting Connie and Nicole! You ROCK in keeping so many informed on important community issues.

Connie and Nicole - Great job! You are wonderful advocates for so many things in our community but most important here mental health issues.

Desmund Adams - Thanks for connecting us to Michael Libbie and being a great member of Broadlawns Advocate Circle.

Listeners/Readers - Go to our website www.broadlawnsadvocatecircle.org or our Facebook page Broadlawns Foundation advocate Circle (like our page) and learn more about the work we are doing to help so many - people you know and love - in our communities. Broadlawns currently serves mental health patients in 66 of Iowa's 99 counties. Give to our campaign - big or small - to make a difference! https://Broadlawns.dynamicwebware.com/donate-online.cfm? THANKS!

Michael Libbie


Thank you so very much for the kind words! We could not have had better representatives than Connie and Nicole! Our thanks, as well, to Desmund who hooked us up in the early days of this campaign and again today. Best of luck...and following the numbers seems people are listening.


Matt Connolly

Wow, great interview piece on many levels. We are off and running with our advocate circle, thanks for helping raise awareness for us. Let me add, I like the part Michael mentioned about educated people becoming more aware of the services in our community. It is so important for people of all kinds understand that it's ok to have mental health concerns and that they are similar to all other medical conditions in that they are treatable. Noone likes to be sick regardless of the illness, Broadlawns does a fantastic job of helping in recovery for all our community. #alwayshope

Michael Libbie

Matt, you are such a HUGE supporter of this very important project. I see your LinkedIn Page and notice your efforts. What you do today will impact so many tomorrow. Roll on my frieind and thanks for listening!

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