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Tom Sontheimer

There are actually two parts to this mitzvah:
1.Honor your parents [7] (in Hebrew, kibbud av v'eim) – these are the positive "to do" actions
2.Revere your parents [8] (in Hebrew, morah) – the "don't do" actions

The basic way to honor parents is to care for their needs. Specifically, this includes:
•bringing them food and drink, [9] including helping with meal preparation and grocery shopping [10]
•assisting them with paying bills, banking, etc.
•transporting them, e.g. giving a ride to the doctor

When possible, it is preferable for a child to live near the parents, [11] to better care for their needs. [12] There are really no limits to this; the Talmud tells how the great Rabbi Tarfon would bend down to serve as a step-stool for his mother to climb in and out of bed.
As a reward for honoring parents, the Torah promises long life. [18] One possible explanation is that taking care of parents – especially when they are elderly – can be very time-consuming. So God "compensates," so to speak, by adding extra years to your own life. [19]

As an added bonus, when your children will see you honoring your parents, they will learn this importance of this mitzvah. That's the payback when it comes your turn to be on the receiving end.
My thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue to honor you mother.

Michael Libbie

Hi Tom...and yes...good research my friend. Thanks for reading and for the very thoughtful comment. - Michael

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