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Oh Michael, she loves you so! Now I'm crying.

jane e morgan

She is SO blessed to have you, and I bet that is what she was thinking...how blessed she is to have you for a son.

Patrick Palmer

Very sweet. Think of the hours of videos her grandkids and great grand kids will have to watch and all of the "Mom & Me" stories they will read. I always say that when someone of that age passes away, "I'm not sad that they died, I'm happy that they LIVED!" What a life! Celebrate her life.

Michael Libbie

Patrick, thank you for that wisdom...you are so correct!

Michael Libbie

Jane...thank you for your note. Prayers for you and your family as you work forward to a full recovery for your dear son.

Michael Libbie

Deb..you too huh? Thanks so very much...touching piece you wrote. I treasure your friendship.

Andy Fritz

This may be the most beautiful thing you've written. Absolute beauty.

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