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Jim Boyd


It was indeed a sad day to learn of the continuing reduction in force at the Register. Much of the same has happened in radio over the last few years, with some small newsrooms having been reduced to just one person. In some cases the reductions have gone all the way to zero. You mention voice tracking and that in essence is what has been happening for radio news. Several of the larger markets now actually try to do local newser for the smaller markets. A far cry from the days of three to four newspapers in a community or four or five radio stations with active and competitive news departments. (Insert heavy sigh here)

Jim Boyd

Michael Libbie

Jim, It is the curse of having a memory for good, solid local news and information in a media that we both have loved. In the end what will be the impact on the consumer. Better...less? I don't know. But there are signs of something new and different coming. Consider Patch.com and even less funded hyper-local news sites. It is, at least, interesting times. Thanks for reading and for the comment. - Michael

Bill Sheridan

Michael: I share both your sadness for what is being lost and optimisism about the future. The medium which we are using to grieve, ironically, is the same one that gives us hope for what is ahead. My hope and prayer is that the good/talented men and women who have been displaced find something even better going forward. Good job out of you on this blog. (Sir William)

Michael Libbie

Bill - Coming from you and folks like Jim...I am honored that you took the time to read and respond. I share your prayer for those folks we know and those we don't. BTW - Have you seen Company Man? It is quite the film on this subject...and the future. Thanks for reading and for the comment. - Michael


Lots of companies downsize in a weak economy, but how many successful businesses ditch their core assets? The Register keeps ditching people with talent who work hard, providing content that (in theory) makes the paper worth reading. A newspaper isn't anything without a good staff of writers, editors and photographers. Instead of trying to ride out a tough economy, Gannett slashes and burns.

Michael Libbie

Morning Des Moines Dem - Thanks for your work on the story in Bleeding Heartland another example of Hyper-Local news. Your comment is spot on. "core assets" are being slashed...but we've got to remember it's not about news or community or the consumer...it's about the business and, sadly, the business has, in my mind, a plan other than tomorrows stock price. Thanks for reading and for the comment. - Michael

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