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Les Chalfin

Everyone has a Media Com story. They came out several times to "Tighten a loose connection" outside my apartment. Phone went out, and cable had static lines. And when they reimbursed me for outage, they reimbursed for 6 hours of a 720 hour month!!!
I switched to Dish for TV and Qwest for internet and Vonage. All worked perfect.

Les Chalfin

Sex in the college dorm. I did not have a steady that lasted all through college. Many i thought would, and they were the shortest! I guess i would like to see statistics of how many boyfriend-girlfriend share a room, and then, how many room-mate changes there are during the year. It would be very unpleasant to be in a room with someone you once loved, and now don't like. Michael, you may not understand that part from experience, but i have been divorced a few times!!

Michael Libbie

Les: Yep...our friends from Qwest (Century Link) are coming out this week to get Mom hooked up. We just failed at understanding how really bad Mediacom is when it comes to providing telephone and Internet service. Sometimes we just need to stay focused on what we can provide well... Man. Do I understand your comment about being in the same room. And, at those ages it can really be crazy. Interesting experiment though. Thanks for reading and for the comments! - Michael

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