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Peter Sherinian

Dont forget those of us in the world of sales who are on 100% commision sales. If nobody buys from us we make no money at all.

Peter Sherinian

The Vodka Add. Stupid!! Why would the Guy who made it, make it?

Peter Sherinian

From a historical point of view. For the Mormon religion to be legitimate one must assume that the story Joseph Smith told his followers was the truth. It is not just about having followers that believe. I am glad they believe in God, But God is not a religion. If they believe in Jesus that’s fine also, if they believe in King David that too is fine, but it does not make what Joseph Smith said about what happened to him in anyway true. Personally I believe he made it up to extract money from his followers, create a society that subjugated women, and allowed him to become wealthy and religiously intolerant to those other religious communities near him. The other communities had more people on their side. That is why the Mormons were forced to move. When you read the real history of the Mormons. You find a very different picture then the history the Mormons tell you. As for individual people that follow this so called religion. Everyone is different. I judge each person on who they are and their actions, not their religion.
PS this does not Make me religiously intolerant. I also dont believe in the Western version of Chrisianity, being that I am Armenian Apostolic Orthodox. I do believe in Judaism, after all Jesus was Jewish. You cant really believe in Jesus if you dont believe in Judaism.

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