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Jim Edwards

Mornin Bro! Enjoyed this issue of S.M.C.! I understand your concern about i.d.'s for voting, but it's required for everything else you do in life including check cashing,
Travel, even collecting unemployment benefits. So I.d.'s 4 voting is not that outrageous when you think about it.
Also remember, politics comes from Greek word poli for many and tics for blood sucking vermin!


Good information this week. I have listened to Dr. Huber before. He has some really interesting information on soil and soil testing.

Last weeks debate was terrible. I really wish these debates would focus on real issues not what someone did in their past, or how someone made money or catering to people in the area.

Hopefully, Obama will be a part of the debate sometime. He is running his campaign full-time and has pretty much taken his last year as a sabbatical from the office of the president.

Keep up the interesting topics.

Michael Libbie

Morning Jim. It may not "seem" out of touch (Voter ID) however if there is zero happening (as expressed by the County Recorders in all of Iowa's 99 counties), the bill, as presented, targets specific individuals (I thought we wanted less government?) and having the privlidge of voting is, I think, different from cashing a check(?). Anyway, this is the second time Matt has made this attempt. Silly... Hope you are doing well...and enjoying the mild season. We're concerned about moisture levels for crops. Thanks for reading and for the comment! - Michael

Michael Libbie

Morning Brent! Dr. Huber really injected some interesting facts into the discussion of micro-nutrients, crops and health of humans and critters. Great stuff. I too will be grateful when the President and Mitt square off in debates. We've been having to listen to my friends in the GOP for the past nine months. The campaign will be...fun. Thanks for reading and for the comment! You coming to the Iowa Power Farming Show? - Michael

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