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mike devine


Michael Libbie

Yep... Jihad...nothing like a religious war.. Or call to action huh?


Regarding Stasi comment: Because the Ultra right wing blubbermouths started using A Nazi term first, would it be OK if I started referring to them as National Socialists? Many of them openly respond to my center-of-the-road political statements by stating, "I didn't know you were a socialist." I've been rerading "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" and I'm seeing to many uncomfortable parallels.

Michael Libbie

Chuck - That is what is so scary. "Middle of the Road" isn't even a starting point with this crowd. Reason, conversation and communication are shouted down with, often, hate speech. OK, I get it when people are a little snarky...but this is over the top. Hey, being a socialist ain't so bad.. At least my grand-father would have said so. Thanks so much for reading and for the comment. - Michael

Jon Russell

Upon settling down after a year long courtship and then a first year of marriage we decided to check into making our marriage "legal" in the Catholic Church. We are required to provide all marriage licenses and divorce records in each of our past unions; provide a reason (from a list of acceptable reasons) that the marriage was not holy, attend classes to teach us how to live a Catholic marriage, and write a check for nearly 500 dollars. I don't care to drag my prior relationships into my amazing new marriage, nor do I feel that a fee would be required to make God happy. Maybe as I get closer to the end of life this will become important to us but for now it just feels like emotional and financial extortion.

Michael Libbie

Jon: Interesting...it is the same with Orthodox Jews. Before one can marry any prior marriages must be granted a "get" or a divorce. Very similar procedure...except the cash. Understand how you feel about this...I do know that in the "Jewish World" having to receive a "get" is not universal across the various Jewish groups....however it looks to be that way among Catholics. Thanks for your input and for reading. - Michael

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