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Wow. I had no idea that is the story behind the poster! I've seen it many times, but always thought it was something recent! I love the history of it! AND...I want to go to that book store!! How cool is that!!??

Michael Sadler

The underlying policy under the telecom article is that the days for one Company(in this case, AT&T) to be regulated while its competitors (wireless and cable) remain unregulated are over. Admittedly, I have not read this particular bill, but do understand the inequities that still exist as the days of Ma Bell have come and gone. I don't think anyone is suggesting that those in rural aras will discontinue having access to telephone service.

Michael Libbie

Hi Michael: I believe the word "access" and "working" are two different things. The problem with this bill is, like many things, we who live in urban areas of the country don't understand what it's like living in places that have "access" however that access may not work. The bill in Kentucky was sailing through until some folks in the country latched on and said, "Whoa...not so fast." We'll see how it plays out. Another interesting side note...and I've not checked recently...but 911 service had a charge attached to land-lines to maintain service. With the exodus to cell service I wonder how that issue is being handled? Thanks for reading and thank you for the comment! Michael


An E911 surcharge appears on both landline and wireless telepghone bills. You have pointed out another inequity though. The surcharge on wireless phones is less than the surcharge on landlines! Another issue that the legilsture needs to fix.

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