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Joel Bader

"News radio" WGOP (err. WHO) 1040 will never be confused with CNN, Iowa public broadcasting or the BBC. Does anyone take them seriously? Why does that station call itself "news radio" when it hardly covers any news?

Michael Libbie

Joel, when I travel i LOVE listening to NPR. Often smart people talking about issues in depth and not just being flame-throwers. It is sad what WHO and other stations have become but what is tragic is so many people listen and...believe. Thanks for reading and for the comment! - Michael


Not sure what to say but..."Intriguing"

Art Smith

Regarding your Canadian friend, if you live all your life a certain way, then other ways will seem strange. Since Canada's violent crime rates are roughly 33% higher than the US, I'm inclined to think I prefer what we have here. Just saying.

Michael Libbie

Art: Sorry, I am late responding to your comment...that dang work stuff. What data are you looking at? I just spent 30 minutes (thank you...) chasing down some stats and what I see is that the US excels at violent crime. Suspect the devil is in the detail so love to see what you are looking at. BTW, the province my friend lives in shows a high crime rate. He would tell you that is due to the large number of "First Nation" people living there. Interesting... Thanks for reading and for the comment! - Michael

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