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Jeff Mau


Michael Libbie

Jeff, he will and such Chutzpah will follow. Thanks for reading and for the comment. Have a GREAT Sunday and Happy Purim! - Michael

Jon Russell

Thank you for planting the seed of a possible run by Mr. Hatch as Governor in my mind! I like the idea quite a bit and am curious what he thinks about it. Thanks for yet another hot cup of coffee!

Peter Sherinian

I am unconvinced that Tom Vilsack is still qualified to become governor again. He emptied the Treasury the last time he was governor and quite frankly I find that disturbing from a businessman's point of view. Tom also has a relationship with Monsanto Corporation that is questionable to say the least and in my opinion as an investigative reporter I would consider it almost illegal. Terry Branstad who I find politically incorrect in every way has secured a large amount of money in our treasury. The fact that he won't give some of it too the food banks in Iowa speaks very poorly of him. We Iowans are considered the most generous people in the country yet this Governor generosity is non existent.

Michael Libbie

Jon, Lots of things have been shaking since Sen. Harkin announced he'll not seek another term. That has left everything from the top down in play. Sen. Hatch is an obvious choice here in Central Iowa it will be interesting to see who else...if any...pop up. Thanks for reading and for the comment! - Michael

Michael Libbie

Peter, It's no secret that I'm a Tom Vilsack fan. His management of the state was really quite good and his understanding of policy is superior. He would sail back into Terrace Hill but I'm still betting on VP with Hillary. That would lock up much of the Midwest and he knows his way around DC...well. Regarding Monsanto...I dunno but it is Iowa and Agriculture and those pockets are pretty deep. Thanks for reading and for the comment! - Michael

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