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Peter Sherinian

Michael I love the video. I feel your pain, well not really because im not Jewish. I think that's why Jesus threw out all those rules and said lets start over especially if you're a Gentile. That being said there are some very good reasons why people who lived and still live in a hot climate should not mix different type of foods especially when you don't have refrigeration. Even today I don't make Armenian stuffed grape leave dishes, that are served cold, with meat in them, because of the lack of refrigeration you would only serve this type of dish with meat as a hot dish.

Justin Brady

The swimming pool comment is supposed to be ridiculous. That's the point. The swimming pools didn't do the killing, negligent parents did (there are exceptions, of course).
In the same way, guns aren't killing kids. Idiots are killing kids.
If you remove guns, (you can't) it won't actually fix anything. There is a much bigger issue in America and we like to point to guns, or video games, or violent movies, or drugs but the reality is that the family model is broken in America and people / kids aren't loved.
It really is that simple.

Justin Brady

...and what I meant to say was more children are killed by swimming pools than mass shootings. Because the debate isn't about gun deaths but about "assault style weapons" and capacity limits.
Most sane people will agree an ideal scenario is to rid the world of guns, but that isn't even possible.
Thanks for your comments Michael. When did you want to go shooting?

Ben Stone

I have a question for everyone who claims that an assault weapon ban would not work to reduce the number of deaths given a long enough period of effective enactment and enforcement:

When was the last domestic machine gun murder?

Short follow up question: Looking at all of the mass shootings in recent years and considering what we know about the shooters, would those shooters have "upgraded" to a machine gun given half a chance to get more killing power?

No Obfuscation (great word BTW) if anyone cares to answer, just answer the specific questions please.

Michael Libbie

Hi Peter! I agree, without refrigeration life would be tough. However, that is a modern "reason" the religious reason is because G-d said..."Don't". BTW here is an interesting pagan refrigeration issue. Before the Genesis law about doing no harm to animals it was common practice for a person to go out, cut off a "leg of lamb", bind up the wound and have a meal. Yep... One of the Seven Laws of Noah had to do with kindness toward animals. Thanks for reading and for the comment. - Michael

Michael Libbie

Justin - I realize your "swimming pool" story was what it was. However, that got me to looking at the numbers of children killed each year in the United States and how this nation ranks with others. Pretty shocking no? And, I did check out the Walther PPS by the way! Thanks, as always for reading and the comments. - Michael

Ben Stone

I think Justin is on to something with the pool analogy. We'd all be safer if we treated guns more like pools:

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