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Paul Stough

I support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker for several reasons. She is smart. She knows how the system works. She knows many of the Republicans personally and what their weaknesses are. She should be given the chance for some payback for what she has endured from the Republicans for the last two years, and at the same time give the Republicans the opportunity to work in a more bi-partisan manner, or if not that, then expose them to to the world for the extreme partisans they are.


My favorite part of the election was all of the weird rhetoric around Cindy Axne. I'd already made up my mind to vote straight-ticket Democrat this election (and I really dislike that approach normally, but these are not normal times), but some of the commercials were genuinely funny. "Cindy Axne will vote with NANCY PELOSI." Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

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