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Cecil Cook

Glad to see Sanders doing well in Nevada. Here’s why he wasn’t my number one pick for the Iowa caucus:

• He’s 78 years old and has a heart condition. As an old guy myself, I know the limitations that come with age. Haven’t these guys ever heard of mentoring?
• He’s kind of rigid. This may be a function of age, but more than likely it’s just Bernie. For the chief executive job, you need someone who can wheel and deal. Not sure he can do this.
• He’s labeled himself as a democratic socialist. He sees politics as class warfare. This is going to be a tough sell in a general election. Not all rich people are so stupid that they want to destroy the middle class. You gotta leave a door open for them so they can come in and support you at the last minute, pretending that they were your friends all along. That’s politics.
• He’s Jewish. Jews get blamed for everything. With Sanders as president, we can expect to see more synagogue bombings and shootings. Sad to say, but that’s the country we’re living in right now.

Why was Sanders was second choice?

• INTEGRITY. With Bernie more than any of the other candidates, what you see is what you get. You may not agree with the guy, but you know where he stands. Integrity is going to be a big deal in this election.
• He’s right most of the time. That’s pretty good for someone running for president.
• However he labels himself, whatever it is he wants to do, he’s got to get a buy-in from Congress. This is going to be tough going for a guy who doesn’t enjoy the full support of his own party, let alone the opposition party. In the end we might come away from a Sanders presidency with recognition that climate change is for real; some improvement in health care for everybody; and rich people paying their fair share of taxes. All in all, that’s not a bad deal.

Path forward. Sooner rather than later, Bernie needs to pick a younger VP running mate. This would go a long way toward reassuring voters of possible outcomes if Bernie doesn’t make it through to the end of his term. My pick would be Klobuchar. Yeah, I know, she’s kind of annoying, but she’s a tough campaigner, and if she can be restrained from throwing things at her staff, her presence on the ticket might reassure centrist Democrats and cross over Republicans that Bernie would be a better choice for president than a guy who attacks a 16 year-old girl because she made the cover of Time Magazine and he didn’t. Bernie might even take the time to read his intelligence reports instead of firing the person who delivers them. And most likely with Bernie, we’d have permanent department leaders fully vetted by the senate instead of a staff of temporary people appointed on a whim.

Michael P Libbie

Thanks for your insight...and comments and thank you for reading! - Michael

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