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Janet Lark

We need to rebuild the Democratic Party.... the boogie man of Socialism used by GOP hurts us. Start looking around for leaders NOW. 2 years will go fast!

George Ensley

Dems must never EVER forget that personal door knocking works ... face to face ... telephone and texting and postcard writing and social media are BS compared to face to face. The Iowa Dems did a HUGE zig instead of a zag, and cost us way too many seats from supervisors to legislature to senator to president.
The contrast in tactics couldn't have been more stark. Socially distanced door knocking handing out lit or phone calling/texting/postcard writing.
I am SOOOOOOO damned pissed!!!
I am still trying to monetize the value of a jumbo jet landing at an airport to give a speech. In the old days these were called "whistle stops", and they won elections . And trump did 4 or so a day.
JD had Sioux City Sioux, and this year even that wasn't enough.
I still keep wondering what would have happened with a really effective national promotion based on socially distanced door knocking plus other proven tactics.
In Boone County we got wiped .... worst ever, up and down the line.

I gave up being County Chair because I failed to increase our registered Dem numbers enough.
This year BC Dems fell further behind by about 250 registrations by failing to have a registration effort. I don't know what they did with the $18,000 warchest, but I do know not a single local / statehouse / national office Dem was elected to anything at all, up and down the ballot in Boone County.

At least back in 2014, with the "All-inclusive" brochure that I put together .... ONE person lost (to Chip Baltimore). It highlighted each candidate and several fundamental Dem belifs and how they benefited people. I was criticized then .... but the DAMNED THING WORKED!!!

WHAT a damned waste in money!!! We had the resources, and they were wasted!!!

Michael P Libbie

George, thanks for the comment and I feel your pain. We both know that nothing can really replace personal interaction. I too questioned the call...we should have been able to do door drops. (I know we did here in our Windsor Heights neighborhood and contacted each of the registered 1,800+ Dems and it made a difference. There are high quality ways to get this done...but, as you know it takes a hell of a lot of work. Thank you for your continued support...we've got 5 January to work on in Georgia and then 2022. It never really stops.... Best to you my friend! Michael

Michael P Libbie

Janet: That is right...we are never really "done". Much will be asked of our volunteers and it truly is for the soul of our cities and state. Once we get through 5 January in Georgia we can start on 2022. If you can, join me in that effort. We've got two excellent candidates going against some really flawed sitting senators. If you can chip in a couple of bucks to Jon and Raphael that would be great. Thanks for reading and for your comment! - Michael

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