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Calcium Products, American Bankers & Farm Bills

Aba_vegas_002 Greetings from Las Vegas and the American Bankers Association...we ain't lion! (for a full size image, simply click on the photo.)

We came to Las Vegas to represent our client Calcium Products in a horizontal marketing opportunity.  That means we were not visiting with farmers (end users) or dealers (distribution folks) but with Ag lenders the people that really have an impact on agricultural products and services.  We've been telling our story as selected individuals visited the Calcium Products booth to learn how important soil testing is and then how farmers can use that information to adjust soil pH to increase their yield with a product much better than traditional Ag-lime.

Aba_vegas_008 (Larry Moore, president of Calcium Products, listens to an ABA attendee during the trade show.  Note that the display matches the brochure in an earlier post.  See's called continuity of the message.)

It has been a great event for Calcium Products and an interesting forum for agricultural lenders.  What came out of today's session was a shocker for some of the attendees.

First of all, several learned about "Ruralpolitians".  A word that was created in our office nearly ten years ago.  OK, we never took credit but we did file the name for a potential magazine that never took off.  We were just too busy.  For those of you who are interested in learning how to sell your products to this niche market.  Please, give us a call. Unlike many agency folk, we have actually lived the we know how to help you connect.

But, back to the Farm Bill for 2007:  Roughly 400 people listened as Dr. Barry Flinchbaugh (Agricultural Economics professor at Kansas State University) and Dr. Luther Tweeten (Professor Emeritus, Agricultural Economics - Ohio State University) squared off over the future of the Farm Bill and the future of agriculture in general.

Aba_vegas_006 (Dr. Flinchbaugh (L) responds to a question by Dr. Tweeten)

The attendees heard a spirited debate regarding the future of the farm economy and how one speaker suggests that farm payments should be cut to the bone while the other hammered how the US could not afford to move away from the existing farm policy.  (You want us!)

So far...and excellent conference and great topics.  For those of you interested in agricultural lending and policies associated we invite you to contact the ABA and their director John Blanchfield at

Finally, for those of you seeking to make an impact on the agricultural market or the "ruralpolitian" (remember who coined the word...) give us a call at 515-331-3206.  More from Vegas in our next post.