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Using A Spokesperson?

Call the Plumber, His Heart Stopped!


                                  Knowledge is Power

By Michael P. Libbie

My brother is a physician.  Well, he is a retired physician but that does not stop our Mother from referring to him as, "My son the DOCTOR!"  Me?  Mom usually says to people, "Michael...well, he does something with advertising...I think."  There is a message here for people who are advertising or want to advertise.

A potential advertiser would not call my brother to have him put together a marketing campaign.  And a person suffering from some illness wouldn't call me for a diagnosis.  He does his stuff, and I do mine (whatever that is Mom..)  However, we see business people relegate their advertising decisions to folks that have little knowledge of the topic all the time.

Or agency specializes in Rural Lifestyle, Outdoors and Agricultural clients.  We know agriculture and we have lived the lifestyle.  So, sometimes it surprises me when ag related businesses go out and hire an agency who can't tell the difference between a plow and a planter.  I remember once, long ago, when I was selling print media.  I had a meeting with a group of high-powered agency folks from a high-powered agency in St. Louis.  They handled an equally high-powered client who made all kinds of agricultural equipment.  Three minutes into the meeting I could tell the perky blond account executive sitting with her friends at the conference table had never seen a farm, much less a piece of equipment.  Makes ya wonder.

The bottom line is, "go with the folks who know".  If you've got a product or service you would like to take to the rural lifestyle crowd, agricultural producers or the outdoors market give us a call.  And, if we do well?  Give my Mom a call and brag on us a bit.

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