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Calcium Products, American Bankers & Farm Bills

Insight to American Bankers Association

Prove_it_photo Just back from FEMA and on the road again!  We'll be traveling to Las Vegas next week to present to the American Bankers Association during their Agricultural Bankers Conference to be held at the MGM Grand Hotel and Convention Complex. (Click on the image to see our program cover.)

The central focus of our presentation, on behalf of client Calcium Products, centers on how Agricultural Bankers can assist producers by funding soil testing procedures.  The agricultural bankers can help increase yield and our goal is to prove that message.  I'll be telling targeted ABA members and explaining how our survey results indicate a minority of farmers do regular and complete soil testing due to the expense associated with the tests.  Many farmers are simply guessing as to the quality of their soil and when that happens they over buy expensive fertilizer and then saturate the soil with too much all in an attempt to increase production yield. 

Larry Moore, president of Calcium Products will join me and tell the bankers, "At a time when fertilizer has doubled in price you would think producers would be more cautious and rather than guess at their soil condition spend the necessary dollars to investigate their soil needs through testing.  The bankers can really have an impact on production issues if they would add soil testing to their menu options for the annual farm loan."

This is an excellent example of Horizontal Marketing.  Calcium Products, Inc. does not do soil testing.  They do, however, produce a product that is dependent on farmers knowing how to take advantage of soil management.  The first step in that process is to know, not guess, the soil make-up.  Calcium Products, Inc. produces SO-4 and 98-G.  Both are natural inputs made from the highest quality limestone and gypsum on the planet.  They function to neutralize and improve the soil condition so crops can produce at optimum levels.  Calcium Products has been selling pelleted lime and gypsum for row crops, animal feed, and manufacturing for nearly twelve years.