It happens...even to us!!!
What Happened to Wal-Mart?

People (still) Buy from People.

When you back a solid message with a real person, expect success!


(Bill Mayer of Foton-Mayer Farm Implement - click on the photos to enlarge)

For over 20 years Bill Mayer has been selling equipment to one of the toughest consumer groups on the planet:  Farmers.  (If you think selling to a farmer is an exercise in gullible buying...forget it.  These guys make a good living on a very, very slim margin so every dollar saved is one earned and they negotiate hard.)  Time has proved that Bill not only knows his business but also his customer base.  That's why it was such a leap of faith that propelled him to take on a line of new compact tractors made in China and attempt to sell them to not only farmers but small acreage owners or "Ruralpolitians".  14 months after signing on to sell the little red Foton tractors his dealership is responsible for selling over 60 units.  (For those of you thinking that is a small number consider the fact that a good friend of mine who oversees a dealership base of 350+  compact tractor dealers told me that his star dealer is likely to sell only 20 - 25 units a year.)

So, other than employing a great advertising agency, what is the secret to the success of Bill Mayer?  It's pretty simple really, he's done some on point advertising to his target consumer group, pushed the price and quality aspect of his Foton tractors and he is "the guy" you deal with.  He takes the credit and the heat.  "We've got a great crew of people here but the final decision on customer service and sales ends up in my chair.", says Mayer.  "I can't, and don't want to, hide behind lots of people with fancy titles.  I want the buyers to know that our business is all about integrity, service and a passion of doing the right thing in every instance."  It works.

Foton_tractor_404 (A FOTON 40hp 4-Wheel Drive compact tractor)

It works because Bill and his staff follow the sale of each and every tractor sold from his lot.  They call one, two and four weeks after the sale.  At six months and twelve months they make another set of calls.  They make contact with the new owner to make sure things are working correctly, that the new owner understands the aspects of the unit they purchased and take care of any issues the buyer claims to have.   Then, if there is a problem, Bill sees to it that the customer doesn't have to travel 20 to 50 miles to his dealership.  He sends a staff mechanic to the customer and fixes what needs to be repaired on the spot...usually at no charge.  Word spreads and before long customers take up the call to promote the tractor and the dealership.  In fact, at their recent One Year Anniversary Event a dozen or more current owners showed up to help Bill promote the tractor line to new customers.


The lesson for those of us who sell products to other people is, "be personally involved".  Take your passion for the product to the manufacturing floor, to the sales room and to the customer.  Oh, also hire a dynamic advertising agency to help drive your passion to the public.  If we can us.