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Rh_logo Welcome: Two New Brand Names to Insight!

Two new brand names have chosen Insight Advertising, Marketing and Communications as their agency of record.  Country Vet Pet Foods and Running Horse Elite Equine Nutrition are recent additions in the growing companion animal feed industry and offer a wide selection of premium dog, horse and cat foods.  "We've worked on special projects with Insight for several months and because we were so pleased with their insightful and professional approach to marketing and advertising we decided to make the move to a full time agency relationship", said Gary Kubicek, National Sales and Marketing Manager.

The parent company, Consumers Supply of Iowa and South Dakota, a long time supplier of products and feed formulas for the farm and ranch community, decided to enter the consumer market with their unique extruded high quality animal feed, and according to Kubicek, needed some additional help in marketing the products on a national basis.  "We've moved from a regional company into a much larger focus.  We just think it is a sound business move to hire a firm who knows the rural and urban market to assist us in our product branding."

Country Vet Pet Foods has over 700 dealers in a multi-state area and Running Horse is now distributed by over 300 dealers.  The Running Horse website is now under construction.

For more information contact Michael P. Libbie.