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Calltofarmswomanwwii1943 Winning the Hearts and Minds Through Advertising/Marketing

By Michael P. Libbie, Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications

(Excerpt from a speech to the National Tractor Parts Dealers Association)

(This is not a political statement, we try not to do that here.  This is a lesson to those who still think they don't need to carefully plan and execute a sound marketing and advertising plan.  You don't believe me?  Ask the President.)

The war.  It's with us everywhere.  We read about it daily in the newspapers, watch reports on television, listen to "talking heads" from both the right and the left scream at each other on the radio.  We see yellow ribbons, men and women in uniform and magnetic decals sporting all kinds of slogans about the military.  The problem is, as evidenced by the election in November and all the polling data since, the war has not captured the hearts and minds of Americans.  In other words...we're losing...again.

It's a hard thing for many of us to take.  We like to win.  And looking back we know that Korea was a "draw" and we're not really sure about Vietnam.  It's still too fresh.  But Iraq?

I was walking down Nicollet Street in Minneapolis the day before the election when I passed a used book store.  In the window of the store were five or six vintage posters much like the ones I'm using here.


I stood there and read each one.  They all had the same themes:  "DO SOMETHING!".  And, each poster came from an official United States government office or entity.

Foodweapon Many of the images urged the reader to sacrifice, to save, to become involved in the war effort.  Nobody was spared, everybody mattered and the messages were clear.

The government in those days understood that to combat the enemy we had to first win the hearts and minds of Americans.  The official line was not, "Travel and buy things..." it was sacrifice and get involved.

Ride_with_hitler Contrast these advertising and marketing campaigns with what is going on today.  Sure, each branch of the armed service has recruiting ads (my favorite is the U.S. Navy SEALS TV ad showing a calm beach at night, then footprints, then nothing.) but there is nothing from the government who is spending billions to prosecute this war.  The result?  Folks aren't buying it.

It is the same with getting products and services noticed.  You simply can't have a great product or service and let it stand alone.  It takes support, aggressive support.  That's the pitch.  If you have a product or service and you want some aggressive support and a solid advertising and marketing plan.  Call us.  Or, if you know Karl Rove...put in a good word for us.