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Remembering Pearl Harbor

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By Michael P. Libbie, Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications

It hit me yesterday.  I was paying some bills and I wrote the date, December 6, 2006.  It took me a couple of seconds, "Why is that date familiar?" I asked myself.  "That's right, tomorrow is Pearl Harbor Day."

The blog today is not about advertising and marketing.  (However I am preparing a speech that ties the disconnect Americans feel with Iraq to advertising and marketing...but that is for a different day)  This morning when I unrolled the Des Moines Register I saw nothing about "The day that will live in infamy!".  There was plenty about Iraq, Iran the "War on Terror" and...Christmas.  No story, no mention, not a word written about what happened 65 years ago today when Japan, in a two-hour raid, destroyed or damaged 21 ships, 320 aircraft, wounded 1,178 individuals and killed 2,390 people.  I guess it's old news.

I'm not old enough to remember Pearl Harbor.  In fact, I was not yet born.  My Mother and Father (of blessed memory) experienced that day and all that followed it it's wake.  Growing up in the 50's and 60's we were taught about Pearl Harbor in school, we saw old movies featuring the speech by President Roosevelt and read books on the subject.  Twenty years ago I visited the site where the USS Arizona rests at the bottom of the bay and it had a profound effect on me. 

So, today I remembered and I'm asking that you too take a moment and reflect on what happened that day and in those days that followed.  Maybe you can find a link between then and now.  But, I doubt it.  I fear we, as a nation, have become so out of touch with the terms sacrifice and service that we'll just blow it off as another day from another era.  That is a shame.

As the survivors die and the memories dim we need to ask ourselves, "Who will remember"?  That's why this blog on this it is up to us.