Huge Market - Are You There?
"So, How Much Will This Cost?"

Size Matters!

When advertising your product/service....think BIG!

By Michael P. Libbie, Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications

When it comes to print advertising bigger is better.  When buying print you need to buy the largest size you can afford.  Otherwise you may be wasting up to 40% of your money.

It's not really new "news" but we need to remind folks that you may be cutting up to 40% of the readership of an ad when you move from a full page down to a 1/4 page ad.  In study after study research proves you run the risk of not getting noticed when you place smaller ads.  That can mean the difference between success and failure.  Think of it like this:  Magazine Circulation:  100,000 times a "readership" of 3 = 300,000 potential readers.  Now, take off the 15% that are not effected by your product or service PLUS 40% for running a small 1/4 page color ad:  Cuts you right down to 135,000 possible impressions...real quick.

So...what happens if your have a skinny budget and you can't "afford" to place a larger ad?  Rule One:  Buy Smart!  If you are placing ads for your company you know that once you start in the advertising game you will receive call after call from advertising sales people telling you they have the very best deal.  Not everybody can be right...but, because you may not know who is selling you "hot air" and who is selling you the truth you may be tempted to "buy one of everything".  Stop the madness!

Improve your readership by doing the research on print media.  Improve your bottom line by actually knowing and understanding your core market.  Ask the question, "Is the space being sold critical or not?"  How do you know?  It takes work and years of experience.  If you build a solid marketing and advertising plan you can save real money...and what happens to the money saved?

You buy Larger Ads!

Rule Two:  Great Creative can help.  Nothing is worse than a small ad...with too much information.  Folks simply don't read all the "stuff".  If you must buy small...then get very creative.

All of this takes work, knowledge and dedication.  We can help.  We've put together solid marketing and advertising plans for years and we can do it for you.  And, then when it comes to creative...nobody is better.

Give us a call, send us an e-mail and let's get large!