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A Good Deed - A Good Measure of Costs

By Michael P. Libbie, Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications

We get asked all the time, "So, if we do a media campaign with you, how much will it cost?"  The answer always depends on what the product or service is, what media mix the client wants, what type of marketing vehicles we might recommend...the list gets pretty long.  The honest answer usually is, "We honestly don't know until we get into the project and learn more about you, your product, your core demographic, etc."

That is why I welcomed the recent article in the Des Moines Register from this past Wednesday.  Some friends of mine (see the photo above - and yes, some of them will actually admit to being friends of mine...others will deny it...something to do with Homeland Security.) got together and are offering their services to a charity, the name of which will be decided on shortly.  It is a great idea, a great way to market themselves and an excellent community service project.

We found a "nugget" in the story that current and perspective clients will appreciate.  The group plans to do branding, web development, printing of some brochures, a video or television ad, and a radio spot.  According to the story, Drew McLellan of McLellan Marketing estimated the selected charity would receive goods and services worth more than $75,000.  NOTE:  That number does not include costs for ad placement in newspapers, magazines, radio or television.  The number represents the value of creating the media plan and media projects; not taking it to the public.

We think it is insightful for some companies to read that message and understand that the costs to put together a well rounded campaign can be sizable.  Many factors can impact that number and cause it to rise or fall but the message is: "What we do in the world of advertising and marketing is only one part of the total cost of taking a product to the consumer."  Outside of development, clients must add the hard costs of buying space and time.  It's an important message.  If we can help you make sense of your advertising or marketing issues, give us a call or send us an e-mail.


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