"It's Becoming an Issue."

"Deer in the Headlights!"

Marykbaird_p8170093 I Saw It Again Yesterday....

by Michael P. Libbie, Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications

Thursday afternoon I was privileged to be a featured speaker at the Annual Meeting of NTPDA.  My topic was, "Are YOU or Your Website Getting Noticed?"  It was a big...and full...room of business leaders from the association who market their products and services to farmers and acreage owners. (Shameless PLUG here for our Radio Show: Hwy. 6 "Your Road to the Country") 

I talked about the importance of MARKETING, understanding customers and what they want, how it is much better to use fewer words in an ad and be seen, how to keep websites fresh and finally how BLOGS can skyrocket a business "Find-a-bility".  That was when I saw it.  You see, I started saying, "Blogs", "Feeds", "TypePad", "FeedBurners", "Tags"...

I am convinced that we need to find a much more simple way to describe what we do and how we do "it" when speaking to groups of people.  I am further convinced while large groups can be shown what a BLOG "is" that it is impossible to really teach in that setting.  Or at least for me.

I know several of the folks I spoke to got it and will dive in right away, but for most I know it was a confusing start.  Small groups, learning together seems so much better.  Hmmmmm  Sounds like the "BlogaNostra" from Des Moines.

So...what say you?