Real Quick...HONEST!
Marketing the Elephant in the Living Room

"I'M ON IT!"

100_5806_phone_off_hook "Hello, I called...where are you?"

by Michael P. Libbie, Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications

Three to four times a week I get this message in my voice or e-mail:  "Thanks for the quick response..."  It's becoming more evident people are shocked that we actually call them back or respond to their e-mail inquiry.  And, yes...we even call back folks who are trying to sell us something.  It is called being polite and it takes seconds.

I marvel at the amount of permanent damage business and individuals suffer because they let communication slide.  If you are the business owner or the principal managing partner you really have NO IDEA how some of your employees are shredding your public relations image.  And, it all can be handled and healed so quickly. 

"I'm on it!"  Three little words that bring comfort to a customer or client.  OK...want two words that let folks know you received their message or inquiry?  How about, "Got it." or  "Let's talk."  Too much to say or write?   OK...try these single word answers:  "Yes." and/or "No".

Think about it and only takes a couple of seconds and you'll see your PR level increase.  Simple huh?  With so many tools to keep us connected why does it seem the disconnect gets wider?