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Lying Can Hurt Your Business

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By Michael P. Libbie, Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications

This is the post nobody should have to write.  I mean...nobody lies to their they?  Ahhh but yes they do.  I think this goes on more than we know.'s not the BIG lie.  It's the little "nickle and dime" lie that is almost more irritating than anything.  Here is my brief story about a service provider lie...ready?

Zx2_1 Before winter I took my car (I've written about BIG RED before...that flashy 1999 Ford Escort ZX2 that screams SEXY as I lumber around town) to have the oil changed.  I try to keep that up on a regular basis and it was going to get cold soon so it was time.

Images I pull up to the same place that has been changing the oil in my vehicles for over two years.  It is a Texaco Express Lube on Merle Hey Road here in Des Moines.  The very nice young man, after they changed the oil, came out to me and said, with a stern face, "Sir, we did the routine check of the antifreeze and found that you are only protected to twenty degrees (20 degrees).  We can flush the system and install new antifreeze for about $75.  Shall we proceed?"   I thought that was a little weird because my son-in-law just flushed the system and installed new antifreeze or so he told me.  I said to the young man, "Twenty degrees above zero?  I think I'll pass this time."  The young man, not to be put off so easily said, "Yes sir, twenty degrees above zero, not good protection.  We've got some cold days coming and you wouldn't want to damage your vehicle."   I dismissed this and went about my way.

Called Chase and he confirmed he had the system flushed and so I took it to another drive in service station...not many left.  They checked it and said it was good to MINUS 20 Degrees!!!  Yesterday it was -1 and guess what?  Big red is runnin' well.

Our company works in the world of advertising and marketing...and we put the best possible face on the products or services produced by our clients.  But, lie about it?  Nope.  It's a shame that "Buyer Beware" is such a reality.  Be careful out there.