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Dsc02352 NTPDA - Meets in Panama City Beach

by Michael P. Libbie Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications

Today, regular and associate members of the National Tractor Parts Dealership Association met to do a little schmoozing and learning.  Members are folks who sell used, refurbished or new replacement agricultural parts.

Dsc02355 Our day started out with Karen McCullough and her presentation:  "Change is Good..You Go First".  Karen, an accomplished speaker, focused her talk on how we can accept or reject change and the courage it takes to look at things differently.

Dsc02357 Santiago R. Morales spoke to the potential Mexican and Latin American markets.  His talk centered on the cultural, logistical and governmental challenges association with doing business "South of the Border".

Mike James spoke to the issues surrounding Estate Planning and how the many environmental issues may affect future decisions.

Ntpda_photo_1_1 Charlie Glass gave his "white paper" on "Who Will Be Farming in 2017?".  Charlie, an accomplished speaker, looked at the changing face of agriculture and member dealers learned about tractor numbers as well as farming demographics.

Finally...I got to speak on how, when and why to update websites and the BLOG.  Can I get an amen? 

Members will be meeting and learning through Saturday at the Bay Pointe Marriott Resort in Panama City Beach. 

Ntpda_photo_2 Also..having some fun... and visiting...and learning...was Mike Winter and Georgie Pease (From Insight - That would be US!).