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Picture_872 Show Displays-Critical to Image

By Michael P. Libbie, Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications

We're honored to be the advertising agency to some great companies who, over time, we've convinced to expand their marketing and public relations efforts by spending the necessary dollars to attract people to their product or service.

Country Vet Pet Foods, a new player in the regional companion pet food industry, took our advice and allowed us to create for them a stunning new display that was a hit at the recent Pheasants Forever - Pheasant Fest held here in Des Moines.  Take a minute and click on the photo and look at the'll find it bright, inviting, LARGE and open.  All  keys to a successful marketing adventure during closed or open trade shows.

So, what else?  We pre-show marketed them to regional dealers and users, we pre-announced their attendance on two live talk radio shows that hit their demographic before and during the event and we pre-introduced them to end users by running a thirty-second video on six plasma screens at the entrance to the facility.  The result?

Picture_896 The photo tells the story.  Not only did the Country Vet booth get lots and lots of traffic the company staffed the booth with plenty of people to insure personal contact with visitors.

Bottom line...don't skimp on your image...expand your image and expand your business.  We can help...give us a call.