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Sunday Morning Thoughts

The Blog A Hot Marketing Tool

Pouty_2 Another Troubled Day...

By Michael P. Libbie, Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications

I didn't blog yesterday.  I was confused and troubled.  It started when I read my mentors blog.  Mike Sansone gets more press than Chet Culver (our new governor here in Iowa) so when he writes about something in his blog...people listen.  (Actually they read...)  Yesterday he wrote that he tells folks that they should not blog if they believe blogging is the new "Hot Marketing Tool".  I know that because I read it THIRTY TIMES!  You can read it too...go ahead, leave now and read it.

Back?  OK...so I didn't blog yesterday and frankly I didn't sleep much last night.  Until I figured out he is only partly right.  As you read he goes on to say, "Using a blog for a soapbox or marketing monologue...could drive current customers away."  Key word:  Monologue.

I tell current and potential clients that they MUST blog because it is a "hot marketing tool" but I also tell them they MUST share and that every blog can not be a sales message.  Be conversational, be creative but not so creative that folks can't figure out the message.  Ask questions.  Share ideas.  Go on...sell a little.  Engage the reader and his/her interests.

Mike also said, "Boo on Ghost Writing".  OK...again I sort of agree.  Some folks who should be blogging simply can't because they never learned to communicate well or just can't write or they get writers block, etc.  That does not mean they should not be helped with ideas and/or starter lines.  We often supply clients with a page of "thought starters" to help them begin their journey.  Nothing wrong with that...

Macncheese So, I feel better now.  I have blogged...shared a thought...and maybe helped some folks.  Gotta get some sleep.