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Color Counts...BIG!

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If you are the person who makes buying decisions regarding print advertising read on.  There is a reason color ads cost more...

Last week my friend, and fellow advertising agency guy, Drew McLellan wrote about the placement of print advertising and the myth that right hand placement is better than left. 

That post revived another print advertising issue that some of you may deal with:  Is color better than black and white?  The simple answer is....yes.

According to studies by Readex using color in your ad increases effectiveness by 28%.  That's a pretty strong number if you are talking about a target of 100,000 people.  But, here are a couple of other things to consider:

  • Color alone isn't the answer.  A poorly designed ad that simply uses color is just a poorly designed ad that also won't work.   (Yes..."how" the ad is done makes a big difference!)Creative needs to be considered as well.
  • Advertisers with limited budgets shouldn't be discouraged because they "think" they can't afford color.  The trick here is to buy smart.  You very well may be burning ad dollars in things that are not correctly targeting your market.  Consider dropping those outlets and focus on your key demographic.

Now...one other piece of advice regarding black and white ads.  IF...notice that word...if the ad is well crafted, is not jumbled with lots of wording and is large enough...black and white can be very effective.  The trouble with this is many advertisers don't take the time to get serious about creative...it matters.  And, unfortunately, many advertisers think they need to cram every single word known to man in their advertising....please stop.

Go color...and get noticed.

What think you?