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Lessons from Toyota - Yet Again

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So, do we really need another pickup truck on the market?  Toyota thinks so and as they march on to become the world's largest vehicle manufacturer, soon to overtake General Motors, they have their sights on the Heartland.

Long ago Toyota cemented their dominant role on the east and west coasts with "green" cars like the Prius.  Their timing was perfect.  And, while some folks in the Midwest might purchase a "green" car...this is truck country.  So...welcome the Toyota Tundra the vehicle that will carry Toyota over the top.

Business Week Online has a great story about the fear Toyota has in taking over the number one position and it's worth a read.  However, what we found interesting was the story on the Tundra and the $300 million that Toyota is spending to convince us to buy other than Ford, Chevy, Dodge or GMC.  If the past is any predictor of the's going to work.  Why, because they are doing all the right things at a time when Detroit is in a major funk.

Here's the NUGGET for your business:  It doesn't matter how many folks are "in the game" as long as you're not afraid to:

  • Spend the money necessary to get the attention
  • Stop and THINK about your customer...first
  • Capture timing by doing the unexpected

Toyota knows it can not become the largest until they capture the hearts and minds of the Heartland...and no matter how great their cars are they knew they needed bank on the truck.  Smart marketing...what a strategy!

What do you know that will push your company over the top?