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No Tom...Thank YOU!

Copy_of_inauguration_and_ball_2007_035 We usually don't get into politics on our business blog.  But, this is a bit different because it's about Iowa's Favorite Son candidate, a friend and a neat family.  There is also a marketing message, read on if you dare.

I got the news this morning.  It came in an e-mail with the subject line, "Thank You".  I knew it wasn't good news.  Tom Vilsack the former governor of Iowa was folding his tent and stepping out of the campaign for the office of President of the United States.  For some of our readers you still may be saying, "Tom who?"  But for many of us who know him...well it's a loss.  But not for the reasons you may suspect.

Other than being a great guy with a wonderful story, a competent leader with a forceful message and a nice man with a fantastic family this early loss sort of tells us what is wrong with our politics today.  It used to be that regular people with big ideas and a desire to serve might be able to ascend to the highest office in the country.  But, those days are leaving us quickly.  Money talks...ideas...well you know that line.

Here in Iowa, the first test of presidential politics, we used to sit around coffee shops and home dinner tables and actually visit with the candidates.  Today they come to the state with motorcades and police escorts at a distance from the common man or woman. Sort of like rock stars...we're getting more and more disconnected.

We tell our clients and perspective clients that we're still in "relationship marketing" and that's true unless somebody else has more money and can then buy the relationship with their customers or in this case the public.  That's too bad.  And it's a marketing nugget...beware of the loudest voice.

Thanks Christie, Jess and Doug...for being so cool so Iowan.  And Tom...thank you...I know you're not done because leaders never really are.