Lessons from Toyota - Yet Again
Leading or Following?

Playing "Hide & Seek"?

Hide_seek Yesterday I had a perspective client call and ask about "being found".  His concern was that perspective customers might have trouble finding his business and understanding his message.  This is not unusual.

If you've got some of the same concerns...read on.  We think you'll find at least one or two ideas that you can use...today.

When you, like most business owners, are knee deep in the day to day rush of keeping things together get a moment to take a breath you might, as this perspective client did, wonder if you are doing enough to make your product or service public enough.  Here's some help:

Marketing is a Full Time Job:  I'll not labor long here...just make sure you have a plan that is based on solid research and a person who can carry it out.  I've seen this job given to "Sales Managers", "Office Managers" and "My Daughter who likes graphic design."  We're talking about so much more...and it needs attention to detail and follow through.

What have you done lately?  To your existing website?  If it works you get 15 points...out of 100.  Not much huh?  That is because it no longer is "enough" to simply have a website and hope folks find you.  You need to help them on their journey.  Here are three quick things you can do today to make a difference:

  • If you've not adjusted the wording or phrasing or content on your site...do so today.  Search engines no longer are impressed by a static site that just "sits there".
  • Does your site...out of the gun...let folks know what the heck you do?  I was on one last night that seemed as if it were more of a "We Are Great Guys" than telling me exactly what the product was.  Be clear..do that today.
  • Should you Blog?  Sure...  Should your Blog be part of your site?  Sure...  But more important stay relevant and on task with this adventure.

Finally...Remember Advertising:  Let people know "how" to find you.  Make "the message" very simple and very clear.  If a potential customer has to look, listen or watch your ad and then must sit there and try to figure out what you are saying...  Not good.  Your creative might have gotten in the way of your message.

That's it...and for free!  What are your "Hide and Seek" issues?