Good for Farmers...Good For You?
I Bow At Their Feet...

So, this young lady said...

Woman_geek "Pssst...You really shouldn't be blogging!"

This morning I was at a Blog Class (yes...I am that nuts) with my friend Mike Sansone and about 10 others when it hit me...some folks just should not blog.  It isn't for everybody.

Even we in advertising and marketing have moments of clarity.  The question I asked the class this morning had to do with the negative pressure some business people have with regard to Business Blogging.  I listened...

"Blogging needs to have a point rather than ranting about wet streets and social comment."

"I'm not sure I see any money in blogging."

"Blogging takes too much time away from what we consider to be important business actions."

"Some say it is a fad and it's not going to last."

All of these are true...if you don't see the reason why blogging should be part of your marketing and advertising program.  And, if you are one of these should NOT be blogging.  You simply are not ready.

But, for those of you who might want to reconsider...some basics:

  • Blogs need to have a point a "bottom line". Think of it as a worthwhile message and conversation.
  • Blogs need to be consistent.  People, every day, have conversations and moments of teaching.  Business Blogs are no different.
  • Business Blogs are not about making instant money.  They are about RELATIONSHIPS...  We're not hookers".
  • Business Blogs are about sharing...not keeping things close to the vest...

And finally...if you are relying on a blog to be your only marketing system.  It is NOT going to work.  Blogging is just one tool in your Marketing Plan...

What think you?