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Sunday Morning Blog Thoughts

Img_0199_t_5 Got the coffee on?  Great, pour a cup and let's visit on a snowy Sunday Morning.  This post is about a variety of issues that made their way into the world of marketing and advertising.

For those of you who were listening in on the rural lifestyle radio show this morning...thanks.  Here's the promised link to the blog where you can link in to several of the topics we discussed.  OK..let's go...

University_wis What's with Wisconsin?  The "Flying W" story is getting more bizarre daily.  Last year several high schools across the country received letters demanding they stop using the "flying W" as their team logo.  Seems the University of Wisconsin owns the letter...and the mark.  Talk about LOUSY public relations!  Now the the university is really putting on the heat...lawyers and all.  A university official this week declined to talk about it because she said it was, "...being blown out of proportion."  Tell that to little schools like Waukee, Iowa.  It's just...can we all say it?  Silly!  Try this...Google "Flying W" under images and see what comes up.  Almost...nothing to do with U of W.  Silly....really silly.

Bindery_one We've done some printing business with Bindery One for a couple of years.  They are family run print, data center,bindery and bulk mailing center here in Des was nice to see them get recognition for their work in the magazine Printing Impressions.  For those of you who think customer service is not important...consider that Renatta answers her e-mail late into the evening to make sure her customers are taken care of and often just sends out an e-mail to say.."Hi".  Nice touch and Congrats to some great folks!

Hal_jasa When it comes down to interesting marketing ideas we have to give a tip of the hat to Hal Jasa of Des Moines.  Hal is a chef without a restaurant.  He recently opened up Underground Inc. a business that provides fantastic meals at the site determined by... Hal!  Folks sign up on line for a meal that costs $125 per person.  Then, the day before the dinner party the guests learn, by e-mail, where the party will be.  Could be a rooftop, a warehouse or a building in the midst of renovation.  Cool idea.  For the complete story visit this link from the Des Moines Register.

Toro Toro Industries this week announced that by 2008 they will begin to sell their line of commercial lawn and garden equipment that uses BioDiesel as a fuel source.  (For the story click this link.) That's no small deal when you consider how many products Toro sells in this arena.  Another interesting shift in the marketing of bio fuel.  Will this rush to bio fuels last and what are the opportunities for those of us who watch the trends? 

Thanks for having a cup with me this, let's strap in for the coming week!