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Trade Show Woes!!!

Running Sweating the Small Stuff!

By Michael P. Libbie, Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications

Lessons from the recent Iowa Power Farming Show...and it ain't pretty!

It's over...but for some who displayed at the largest indoor agriculture equipment show in the Midwest...it was over before it began.  Individuals and companies spend THOUSANDS on trade shows every year and frankly, I'm not sure why some folks showed up.   Maybe for the night life?

I spent two complete days at the show and saw:

  • People sleeping  in their booth...I kid you not!
  • Cell phones answered while in the middle of talking to visitors!
  • Empty booths...for hours at a time.
  • Displays so "busy" I had no idea what they were about.
  • Complete inattention to guests and visitors.
  • Dirty cluttered booths.

And that was just a small sampling.  I'm sure the folks who actually PAID to display products and services will never know...and that is a shame.

Some of you might suggest that, "Hey, we showed up, did our time what's the big deal?"  Here you go:  Trade shows take a HUGE amount of time and money.  Think not only booth space rental but also travel, lodging, meals, brochures, graphics, lost "on the road" sales time!  Add it up...and you'll see that even a small show with a modest booth can run $2,000 - $5,000!  And that is ONE SHOW! 

If you are "running the show" demand better.  And if you're not going to take my advice...how about that of Evan Owen of Smash Hit Displays? He has a GREAT BLOG about shows, thoughts and event marketing.  GO THERE AND LEARN before your next show...

Calcium_products_booth_005_1 By the way, PROPS to our team at Calcium Products...you did very, very well!!